Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baseball Time

Just a few pictures from our Opening Day Parade and the first games of the season!  Seamus and Grace are playing on the same team this year along with many of their friends!


I love watching them play baseball!  Looking forward to a great season!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

A New Little Blessing

Recently we were bestowed the honor of being godparents to our dear friends Jenn and Jason Greene’s new daughter, Lucy Mei!

The Greene family welcomed Lucy Mei home in December, and as excited as we were for her to come home, we were even more excited when we were asked to be her godparents!


We traveled down to Maryland for the baptism and to spend some quality time with Jenn, Jason, Simon, Jude and Lucy Mei! 


The baptism was beautiful, and the priest very kindly included all the children and made it a lovely ceremony.


Can you spy the mischievous Liam??


Afterward we headed to the Greene house for party time!  The kids had so much fun playing together, especially with these crazy rocket balloons!  There was so much excitement and laughter!


Devon finally getting to hold Lucy Mei…but she wasn’t as happy as he was!


Nothing a bottle can’t fix!


Later in the day, we walked down the road to the beach.  Too chilly for playing in the water, but the kids had a great time anyway!


On the walk back home, we passed a house that had a zipline out front.  The kids were in awe…and then thrilled when the owners offered to give them each a ride! 

They were so excited!  Even Liam took a ride…I didn’t get a picture of him because I ran alongside him, afraid that he would let go!


Seamus, Grace, Simon and Jude had such a great day together and loved taking pictures together!


Mr. Grumpy wouldn’t get in the group shot, but he did manage to give me a cute pic :-)


After a wonderful day, it was time to head back home.  We said our goodbyes and all snuggled sweet Lucy Mei one last time. 

Seamus was in awe of her…he kept saying, “Look at her tiny hands!  Look at her tiny feet!”


Grace and Lucy Mei already have a special bond!  Grace loved holding her “godsister” every chance she got, and Lucy Mei would look up at her so intently when she talked to her! 


We had a wonderful visit with the Greene family and can’t thank them enough for the honor of being such an important part of Lucy Mei’s life!  Can’t wait for our next visit!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Weekend Fun

Seamus’ latest obsession has been WWE.  I’m still not quite sure where the fascination came from, since he has never seen it on tv, but nevertheless, he is a fanatic.  He loves trying to replicate the look of the famous wrestlers, and like the cool mom that I am, I PicStitch his look with the actual wrestler.

Seamus as Sheamus


Seamus as Undertaker


Seamus as John Cena


When our friends the Leahys invited us to join them for a WWE show in Springfield, I knew we just had to go!  As a reward for good behavior, I gave Seamus this t-shirt and told him we would be going to a show.  He was a little excited!


Jen and Ethan Weisser joined us for the trip!  Seamus made signs for the boys to hold:


We had great seats and the kids had a blast!  Here’s JD and his sister Anne, Ethan and Seamus.


Such a fun time and a great memory to share with my little man.


After winding down from our WWE experience, we jumped right into Easter!


We had a nice morning at home with an Easter egg hunt and early morning chocolate consumption.


All dressed up for church!


Most of my pics ended up like this, however:


I love Easter mass.  The church is always so beautiful, and there’s a palpable sense of hope and renewal.


We had a delicious family brunch, and then it was back home to color eggs.  We decided we might make this an Easter day tradition, since the days leading up to Easter are usually so busy!


We hope your families all had a wonderful Easter as well!