Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mom of the Year

We had a busy weekend visiting Devon’s family, and the kids were up reaaalllly late Saturday night.  So at bedtime tonight, they both crashed hard.  I went in to check on Grace, and noticed she was in one of her classic crazy sleeping poses, teetering very precariously on the edge of her toddler bed. 

So naturally, I left her the way she was and went to get the camera.

I came back into her room, and just as I was clicking the shutter button, she lifted her head up.



Came crashing to the floor.

Yes, it is a toddler bed, and no, she wasn’t hurt, but being woken from a deep sleep and suddenly falling to the floor is not a pleasant experience.  I’m just glad to know that someday she’ll read this and think to herself -

“I can’t believe my mom just let me fall out of bed like that!”

Mom of the Year, right here!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Skates







Yes, they were really skating on the grass…after falling on their bums quite a few times, they had had enough of the “hard stuff” and hightailed over to the lawn.  They had a blast.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting Out

Spring weather has arrived!  Seamus and Grace couldn’t be happier.  They would spend every minute outside if they could.

Seamus got to break out some of his sports gear and start warming up his pitching arm for t-ball, which starts in just few weeks!




The kid is a sports maniac.  Thank goodness he doesn’t take after me…I tend to injure myself quite easily when I’m around sports equipment.  Or when I’m outside, for that matter.  Devon kindly refers to me as an “indoor girl.”  I won’t argue with that!

Grace had fun being sassy for the camera!




The fresh air and sunshine sure does feel good.  It’s reminding us that summer…and Nashville…is not far away!  Hope you all have been enjoying the early spring days!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Got Nothin’

So please enjoy this random assortment of kooky photos to tide you over until I have something more interesting to blog about!

Future Olympic gymnast


She is poised to tackle me here – two seconds later I was flat on my back!


Umm…not quite sure what this is all about.


Having a slumber party (they’re sleeping in their pillowcases)


Do I usually let my children run around with Ring Pops in their mouths?

Apparently I do.  I’ll work on that.


Could he possibly be prouder at accomplishing this feat???