Saturday, June 25, 2011


So with all the difficulty we had in getting pictures for Eight, I’m sure I don’t need to explain the challenges that came with Nine!

This boy is too funny…he wouldn’t leave that 9 alone, no matter what!

Liam, you are becoming such a big boy!  You love to clap your hands and wave “hi,” you love music and “dancing",” and bouncing up and down while sitting, making us all think you about about to launch forward into a crawl any second! 


Even though you’re not completely mobile, you get into your fair share of trouble with all the things you can get your hands on!


Here you can see my little helper Gigi, trying to tape the 9 back together!


“Oh come on, Mom, you really didn’t think I was going to wear that thing, did you??”


Liam, you have five teeth now!  You are all done with baby purees, and only want the good stuff – pizza, pasta, bagels, waffles, fruit salad, and anything else that we let you try!


Love you so much, my big boy!  Happy 9 months!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Little Grads

We have two new grads in the family!  On Monday, Grace had her moving-up ceremony from Pre-K.  They had an adorable ceremony followed by fun at Hoffman’s Playland.  She got to choose what kind of lunch she wanted (bagel and cream cheese with orange juice from Dunkin Donuts!) and she rode the Scrambler six times!  It was a great day!


On Tuesday, Seamus had his moving-up ceremony from kindergarten.  Again, an awesome ceremony followed by lunch and Hoffman’s!  This time, Daddy spent the afternoon with Seamus while they got a Happy Meal and had fun on the rides.


(He was so excited here, waiting for his turn to receive his diploma!)


Here’s Seamus – always the goofball –singing “This Little Light of Mine”  with his class.  I had a couple other parents remark to me how fortunate we are to be the parents of the class clown! 

I was so glad to be there with them on their special days.  I can’t believe we now have an official first-grader and an official kindergartener!  They both had wonderful years and I am so proud of them both.  Now on to a fun-filled summer!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Winding Down

This weekend brought the end of the school year and the last t-ball game of the season.  We went to a huge graduation party for Devon’s 6th graders and had a blast!  Check out this ladies’ man in the hot tub…


T-ball has been a great experience for both Seamus and Grace.  Seamus loves sports like no other, and Grace surprised us all with her determination and positive attitude toward the game.


All season long, Liam was the world’s best t-ball spectator!


We also enjoyed the River Street Festival in downtown Troy.  I love living in Troy, and I love enjoying it with the kids. 


Seamus has two loose teeth!  He can’t stop wiggling them.  See the tongue here?


I just can’t get over how grown up my girl is…love her with her purse!


Brotherly love!


Liam’s big accomplishment of the weekend…he enjoyed his very first piece of Daddy’s homemade pizza!


Monday and Tuesday will be Grace and Seamus’ “Moving Up” days…stay tuned for the pictures!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Seamus, 2 years old


Liam, 8 months old


I am getting such a kick out of dressing my baby boy in my big boy’s hand-me-downs!  The funniest part is the age difference between the two of them when the outfit is worn!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Family Fun Day and Off to See the Wizard!

Have I mentioned how much I love our school?  Really, it’s just the best.  Always something fun going on.  Another school year is winding down, which means another Family Fun Day! 

It’s always a blast, and this year was extra fun…pony rides…


A petting zoo…


And Daddy in the dunk tank!


He was nailed with a dunk on his first time in, by one of his own sixth-graders!


Oh Liam…can I please eat your cheeks?


Chomp chomp chomp…love this boy!


We also had visits from firefighters, police officers, a ride in an antique fire truck and a ride on a city bus (major excitement!)


Not to mention face painting, popcorn, duck races, hotdogs, water games, and create your own hairbow!  All in 90-degree heat!  It was so much fun, but we were exhausted!


We also recently attended the performance of The Wizard of Oz, put on by the Sacred Heart Drama club.  Both Devon and my mom are involved with the drama club, so Seamus and Grace were lucky to have been able to watch many of the rehearsals during the school year.

Grace had been planning for weeks to wear her Dorothy Halloween costume to the show!


The Cowardly Lion


The two Dorothys


The Wicked Witch!


The show was just incredible, and the kids did a fantastic job, as they do every year.  Way to go, drama club!  Seamus and Grace can’t wait to join you in a few years!