Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Little Grads

We have two new grads in the family!  On Monday, Grace had her moving-up ceremony from Pre-K.  They had an adorable ceremony followed by fun at Hoffman’s Playland.  She got to choose what kind of lunch she wanted (bagel and cream cheese with orange juice from Dunkin Donuts!) and she rode the Scrambler six times!  It was a great day!


On Tuesday, Seamus had his moving-up ceremony from kindergarten.  Again, an awesome ceremony followed by lunch and Hoffman’s!  This time, Daddy spent the afternoon with Seamus while they got a Happy Meal and had fun on the rides.


(He was so excited here, waiting for his turn to receive his diploma!)


Here’s Seamus – always the goofball –singing “This Little Light of Mine”  with his class.  I had a couple other parents remark to me how fortunate we are to be the parents of the class clown! 

I was so glad to be there with them on their special days.  I can’t believe we now have an official first-grader and an official kindergartener!  They both had wonderful years and I am so proud of them both.  Now on to a fun-filled summer!


The Johnson Family 4 said...

OMG! That face while he is waiting for his diploma is priceless!! He's so cute!!

Jen Weisser said...

Lol!! Crackin me up!! He's such a lil ham!! Just like someone else I know!! Two peas in a pod!

Kristie said...

Congrats on having and kindergartener and a first graders!!! The video was priceless!!!

The Wymer Clan said...

Congrats to the graduates! That video was adorable!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Yeah! Congratulations graduates! You will have 2 darlings in school! So exciting! Xoxo

Kim said...

OMG! Seriously our boys are so alike. Preston is proud to be a class clown too. Seamus does look so super handsome in his cap and gown and spiffy outfit. Grace-my goodness she is just absolutely precious. In every sense of the word. You look great Em-are you growing your hair long? I also have to tell you you HAVE to frame the picture of Seamus in the hot tub and send it off to college with him! LOL. Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

Yiannakis Family said...

Congrats to the graduates! Looks like they are quite the pair and will be keeping those teachers on their toes next year!!

Greene Family said...

Congrats Grace!! She's a beautiful kindergarten now - wow, how time flies!
Congrats Seamus!! Oh my goodness - the excitement of him waiting for his diploma . . . priceless!!! So adorable! Love the video too - he could not be any cuter!!
It looks like they both enjoyed there moving up ceremonies and celebrations!