Sunday, January 23, 2011

Four…Times Two!

Grace is 4 years old!  Hooray!  Where does the time go??

On the morning of her birthday, she got a special gift from Liam…the “Sleepy Kittens” book, which is featured in her favorite movie, Despicable Me! 


My sweet birthday girl wearing her special shirt.


Seamus was equally as excited that it was Gigi’s birthday!  These two may drive each other crazy much of the time, but they truly are best buds.


Grace decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday with some bowling!  We had so much fun.  She also requested a very particular cake from Nanny -  a “rainbow butterfly.”  And Nanny delivered!  So pretty!


Gigi and her BFF, Ava.  Ava got her a BFF t-shirt and necklace…so exciting!




On the same day that Grace turned 4 years old, Liam also turned 4 months old!

This month, his pictures captured him doing his favorite things.

Sucking on his fingers…


Chomping on his fist…


Sticking out his tongue…


And laughing at his brother and sister, who were making silly faces at him!


Liam also rolled from front to back for the first time on his 4-month birthday!  And you can probably tell from these pictures, but we had to s-q-u-e-e-z-e him into this 3-6m onesie!  He is a big boy!

Just for fun, here’s Grace at 4 months…she was a peanut compared Liam!


Can’t believe my girl is so big now!  Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes for Grace!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hyperventilating (and Winter Fun)

So we were invited over by some good friends to have lunch and play out in the snow.  Sounds great, right?  Except this wasn’t your typical “playing in the snow” – this type of playing had quite a bit of horsepower behind it!

Can we say YIKES???  I was a nervous wreck!  Devon,of course, couldn’t have been happier…he spent most of his childhood riding behind something powered with an engine, so this is second-nature to him.


And his little chip off the ol’ block?


Pretty much the most excited kid in the world right now!


So I may have hyperventilated just a little bit.  This was not easy for me!  When you heard me say I’m an indoor girl, I wasn’t kidding!  And I’d be perfectly happy with “indoor kids” as well!

Seamus begged for a chance to try out this little Kitty Cat.  I agreed when I saw that it drove so slowly that Devon had to actually push it to get it to move through the powder!

033   034

They had so much fun!  Even my Gracie girl, who I though would stick close by me…


Turns out she has a need for speed as well!



Sunday, January 9, 2011

LPA Holiday Party

This weekend we got to hang on to just little more Christmas while celebrating at our LPA chapter’s holiday party!  Our chapter, the Mohawk Valley chapter, was re-formed just a few months ago.  I had to miss the first couple of events due to being in the hospital with Liam, so I was very excited to meet some of our members for the first time.  We had a great time chatting, eating and getting to know each other, while the kids had a blast just chasing each other around!  We are so lucky to have such friendly, kind families to connect with in our area.  A few families were unable to make it (Weissers, we missed you!) but we know we’ll catch up with them at future events.

The big surprise of the evening was a special visitor from the North Pole – Santa!  The kids couldn’t believe that he came all the way back to New York after Christmas just to see them!

Seamus discussed the finer points of Star Wars Legos with Santa…


and Grace had to tell him ALL about the Littlest Pet Shop (poor Santa, he was really getting an earful from her…he had a look on his face that said, “Save me!”)


All the kids got a gift from Santa.  Here’s Liam receiving his cute new rattle!


Our family!047  Wish I could share some more photos!  Next time, I’ll hopefully remember to get permission from the other families to share them on the blog here.

We’re so excited to have a new LPA chapter practically in our backyard!  We look forward to many more fun events with this great group of people!