Sunday, January 23, 2011

Four…Times Two!

Grace is 4 years old!  Hooray!  Where does the time go??

On the morning of her birthday, she got a special gift from Liam…the “Sleepy Kittens” book, which is featured in her favorite movie, Despicable Me! 


My sweet birthday girl wearing her special shirt.


Seamus was equally as excited that it was Gigi’s birthday!  These two may drive each other crazy much of the time, but they truly are best buds.


Grace decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday with some bowling!  We had so much fun.  She also requested a very particular cake from Nanny -  a “rainbow butterfly.”  And Nanny delivered!  So pretty!


Gigi and her BFF, Ava.  Ava got her a BFF t-shirt and necklace…so exciting!




On the same day that Grace turned 4 years old, Liam also turned 4 months old!

This month, his pictures captured him doing his favorite things.

Sucking on his fingers…


Chomping on his fist…


Sticking out his tongue…


And laughing at his brother and sister, who were making silly faces at him!


Liam also rolled from front to back for the first time on his 4-month birthday!  And you can probably tell from these pictures, but we had to s-q-u-e-e-z-e him into this 3-6m onesie!  He is a big boy!

Just for fun, here’s Grace at 4 months…she was a peanut compared Liam!


Can’t believe my girl is so big now!  Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes for Grace!


Jen Weisser said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE!!!!!!! Hope you had a super great day!! Lots of love & hugs from us!!

Cant believe Liam is really 4 months old already! Cant wait to squish him up!!! Hope he's feeling better!

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!! It sure looks like you had a fabulous day! What a fun choice of parties and I love the cake!

I can't believe that Liam is 4 months old already - the time is flying by way too fast!

Lots of love to all of you!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Grace!! I love the cake. So pretty and colorful!

Yiannakis Family said...

Happy Birthday Grace! Love the cake, great choice :) and looks like everyone had lots of fun bowling!!

Greene Family said...

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Grace!! She's so adorable, and I'm glad she had such a fun birthday! That cake is awesome and so pretty!
Way to go on the strike Seamus!
Happy 4 months Liam!! He's getting so big and is cute as ever! Love that you captured him doing all of his favorite things!
The 4 month picture of Grace is adorable! A beautiful baby and now a beautiful little girl!
Hugs to your adorable kids!

Kim said...

I loved this post. The kids are so cute. Seriously. I cannot believe Grace is already four years old. I remember the day she was born. Didn't it snow? Love Seamus' enthusiasm for his strike. That cake is GORGEOUS! I have such cake envy. Your mom does the best job on all the cakes. I will never forget Seamus' sand castle cake. Liam is getting so big! And so darn cute!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Caden and Mommy said...

It must be the age. Caden is really into bowling right now. It looks like Grace had a wonderful birthday :0)