Monday, February 27, 2012

Bowl A “Little”

Here are a few pictures from our bowling fundraiser this weekend with our awesome chapter, the LPA Mohawk Valley Chapter!

Our friend Ian and his mom Sharon drove up from downstate and came over for lunch before bowling.  The boys had a great time playing together!


Seamus, Ian, Mackenzie and Grace


Little Dudes Rock!


Seamus is a very animated bowler.


“Are you telling me I’m related to this guy?”


We had a blast!  Thanks to all our friends who came out to support our event!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Bath and a Baby

You know those days where your kids are being just so darn cute, and you can’t seem to stop taking pictures of them?  This was one of those days, with my littlest man.

He loves, loves, LOVES his bath.  He has recently found that dumping water over his head is just one of the funniest things ever!


Liam has also taken a liking to this baby doll that used to belong to my mother.  She is a little scary-looking, but he has latched right on to her and loves taking care of “his baby.”


A big ol’ smooch for baby!


Hope you enjoyed this little dose of cuteness!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Room

Finally getting around to posting pics of the beautiful new room Devon built off our kitchen!  We previously had a sliding glass door that went out to a deck, but we were finding that we weren’t using the deck all that much.  I have discovered that while I love the idea of eating outside, in reality I wasn’t enjoying it very much!  Bugs, heat, blazing sun….blah.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m kind of an “indoor” girl!  So Devon designed and built a beautiful window-filled room, to give us the ambiance of the outdoors, while keep us cool and bug-free.

The entrance to the room, which used to be a wall with a sliding glass door.


At the top of the first step, walking into the room.  The glass slider has been moved the end of the room, so the kids can walk right out to their swingset and sandbox.


View of the other side, opposite the glass slider.  Right now just a dining set is in the room, but we have some other plans for the space!


We love how bright and cheery it is, and I know it will get tons of use in the warmer weather!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Skate Night!

Another one of our favorite school events was this past weekend – Sacred Heart School Skate Night!

Grace graduated from a double-blade skate to a single blade, and the poor kid spent most of the night picking herself up off the ice!


However, she still had a great time and was all smiles!


Seamus is an expert at using the buckets and cones and zooming around the ice as fast as possible!


Having a fantastic time!


Liam kept me busy by deciding he wanted to climb up the stairs.  And down the stairs.  And up the stairs…you get the idea!!


Daddy took him for a spin around the ice, and the motion made this tired boy almost fall asleep!


We had a blast once again!  Love our school!