Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whew, we had an exhausting Turkey Day!  First up – the Troy Turkey Trot!  Seamus and Grace decided to sign up for the kids’ 1 mile run.

They were a little nervous but also super excited!


Waiting for the start!


I was SO super proud of them.  They ran the entire thing, except for a few brief seconds when Grace took a break and walked.  It was so much fun, and of course hearing everyone out on the streets cheering them on was great motivation!

Here we are coming up on the finish!


Being congratulated by our friend Lou, the next mayor of Troy!


Poppy and Nanny surprised them with chocolate gold medals!


After the kids’ 1 mile, I ran the 5K with my youngest sister.  Omg, what the heck was I thinking?!  Luckily I finished the race still in one piece, and then it was home to bake pies and mash sweet potatoes!

We had a wonderful dinner with family.  We are so blessed!


So much to be thankful for!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I just love watching Liam go to town on an apple!


Love you, sweet boy!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

LPA Fall Regional

Last weekend, Seamus and I joined Jen and Ethan Weisser for a mommy/son road trip to our first LPA regional!  It was held in Long Branch, NJ and the hotel was right on the beach.


After we checked in, we enjoyed walking along the boardwalk and stopped for lunch.  Then it was off to explore the hotel and meet some new friends!

We attended a fantastic fire safety demonstration, presented by an LP firefighter.  What a great role model!  The boys got to climb into a real fire truck.


We got to meet Tracy Sharp and her adorable son Kullen!


We hung out in the lobby with friends for a while, and then headed upstairs for some “quiet time” before the banquet.  Our boys got all spiffed up for the fancy dinner!


They wasted no time in getting right out there on the dance floor.  All kids had such a great time showing off their moves!


Just a few of the hot mamas!  Leslie, me, Jen and Susan!


The boys partied hard and crashed hard!  When we woke up Sunday morning, we could really appreciate the beautiful view from our balcony.


Sunday morning was spent enjoying a delicious breakfast, and then heading back to the hotel when the kiddos played for hours.  Our friend Erik’s dad helped them all make paper airplanes, and they could not have been happier!

A few of the cuties…Ethan, Seamus, Hailey and Sofia.  Seamus and I actually got to meet Sofia a few years ago in NY at one of Preston’s birthday parties!  It was so nice to see them again.


Time to leave…and they didn’t want to go!  We had such a great time.  Luckily their frowns were turned upside down with a ride on the luggage cart.


Next year, our own Mohawk Valley chapter is hosting the Fall 2012 regional!  Looking forward to hosting for all of these wonderful people!  Thanks again, Garden State chapter!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dancin’ the Night Away…at the Sock Hop

It’s sock hop time again!  One of our favorite school events, where we get dressed up in our 50’s gear and dance the night away with friends!

My little James Dean


How cute does she look in this outfit?? 


I joined in on the dress-up fun this year and even Liam had his own little leather jacket!


Once Seamus and Grace get on the dance floor, I hardly see them again for the rest of the night!


Once again, a super fun night!  SHS is the best!