Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Very Hoppy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Saturday was cold and rainy, but we still had a great time at an Easter party thrown by some good friends of ours.

We had yummy food and played games, and – don’t hate me – my kids colored Easter eggs for the first time!


Yes, I am THAT mother.  I don’t know what happens, every year the egg-coloring has just gotten away from me!  No worries for future Easters, however – now that they know about it, they’ll never let me forget!


We were so lucky to have our own personal Easter Bunny this year!


He came!  6:10 am and the kids were bouncing up and down beside our bed, begging to get into their baskets.


Grace was a little excited.


That awesome Bunny knew just how much Seamus loves Star Wars, so he had a Star Wars-themed basket with books, Mighty Beanz, and a Clone Wars t-shirt.


Grace got books, flip-flops and Tangled!  Awesome movie!


Liam even got a cool Star Wars shirt from the Bunny.



After a very taxing Easter egg hunt, it was time to get dressed for church.  Despite the cold and rain on Saturday, Sunday was a beautiful day!  My mom talked me into making Grace’s dress, Liam’s outfit and Seamus’ tie.  We worked on them together for the week before Easter, and I have to admit, they came out pretty cute!


Hope you all had a very Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


So yes, I’m aware that I may be biased.


But really…


Could this possibly be the cutest seven-month-old on the planet??


Love this sweet baby boy so much!  His infectious giggle, his squishy thighs, his cute two front teeth…I just can’t get enough of him!


He is getting so big right before our eyes.  Rolling all over the place, kicking his legs like crazy, still a bit of a Weeble when it comes to sitting up, but he’s getting close!  Loves to “talk” with us, grab our faces, and thoroughly inspect any piece of jewelry he can get his hands on.


We’re also still waiting for Mr. Baldy McBalderson to grow some hair!  But no worries, we still think he’s as cute as can be Smile


Happy Seven Months, Liam!  Love you so much!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Attempt at Opening Day

Finally, t-ball season is here!  Seamus couldn’t have been more excited for the season to start, and Grace is even playing this year too!  I am a tad nervous because she is the child who trips over her own feet, but her enthusiasm has been great and I can’t wait to see how she does this year.

First up on Saturday was the annual Little League parade!  All of the teams march through Troy with a police escort, ending up at the fields.  Everyone marched pretty darn quickly because it was FREEZING out there.  Yeah, that spring weather I had mentioned is nowhere to be found!


Guess who was there to greet us at the fields?  Southpaw!!!


The morning after the parade was to be our first game.  Again, bitter freezing cold and RAINING to boot.  But we were all so excited, we bundled up and headed to the mud pit, I mean, t-ball field.

Unfortunately, due to a schedule mix-up, the other team did not show.  So they had a little practice instead and got to play on the field for the the first time.

Look at my girl!  I am so proud of her.


Run Gigi, run!


Here’s my little all-star…so happy to be playing and SO happy that his jersey is #2 again this year…just like Derek Jeter.


(They are wearing long johns under their uniforms, that’s how cold it was!)



Here he comes!  He wanted to slide so bad…we asked him to please save it for a drier day!  They had a blast even though it wasn’t a real game.  Looking forward to more fun this season!


And of course my littlest love…such a fun and busy weekend, he bounced himself right to sleep in the Jumperoo!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

LPA Easter Brunch

We are enjoying our newly re-formed LPA chapter so much!  We are so lucky to be able to attend events so close by.  This weekend we were welcomed to the Kronau house for an Easter brunch and egg hunt with our new “family.”

The kids had a blast playing basketball, riding bikes, drawing with sidewalk chalk and hunting for eggs.  The adults, well, we mostly ATE!  Soooo much delicious food was brought and shared by all.



Although I think the most fun was had by Seamus, Ethan and Collin when Mr. Kronau let them try on motorcycle helmets!  Do these guys look cool or what??


It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a wonderful time!  Looking forward to more fun events!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I know it’s out there somewhere…spring.  I can feel it trying to break through between our scattered flurries and 30-degree temps.  I had to laugh the other day as I left for work before sunrise and heard the spring birds chirping happily in the trees as heavy, wet snow fell all around me. 

We did have a single day of sunshine and we made a break for it!

Seamus went immediately for his golf bag and had a blast whacking balls up onto our roof.


Poor Grace was stuck riding last year’s bike, as her new one is still being stored at Nanny and Poppy’s.   It seems as though Grace has grown out of her clothes practically overnight!  Thank goodness for the school uniform is all I can say!  I really hope warm weather is here soon, and I can hang her summer clothes in the closet and maybe we can pass off some of those too-short jeans as capris!



Even though both kiddos have been desperate to get outside and play, they still manage to have a lot of fun while cooped up in the house. I left them alone for a little while to do some laundry, and when I came back, I found that they had created their own mini-golf course! (Grace, as always, was dressed to the nines for the occasion!)


There were obstacles to hit your ball over and a tunnel for it to roll through.  I love the way their minds work!  I didn’t even mind that they totally demolished their room to build this!  Wow, this cabin fever must really be getting to me!