Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Very Hoppy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Saturday was cold and rainy, but we still had a great time at an Easter party thrown by some good friends of ours.

We had yummy food and played games, and – don’t hate me – my kids colored Easter eggs for the first time!


Yes, I am THAT mother.  I don’t know what happens, every year the egg-coloring has just gotten away from me!  No worries for future Easters, however – now that they know about it, they’ll never let me forget!


We were so lucky to have our own personal Easter Bunny this year!


He came!  6:10 am and the kids were bouncing up and down beside our bed, begging to get into their baskets.


Grace was a little excited.


That awesome Bunny knew just how much Seamus loves Star Wars, so he had a Star Wars-themed basket with books, Mighty Beanz, and a Clone Wars t-shirt.


Grace got books, flip-flops and Tangled!  Awesome movie!


Liam even got a cool Star Wars shirt from the Bunny.



After a very taxing Easter egg hunt, it was time to get dressed for church.  Despite the cold and rain on Saturday, Sunday was a beautiful day!  My mom talked me into making Grace’s dress, Liam’s outfit and Seamus’ tie.  We worked on them together for the week before Easter, and I have to admit, they came out pretty cute!


Hope you all had a very Happy Easter!


Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

What beautiful children all dressed up in their Easter outfits! Liam looked adorable with his ears! I will take him in his Easter basket and eat him up. Way better then candy!! Xoxo

Jaime said...

I just love your kids so much! Their outfits are darling - you and your mom did a fabulous job!! Glad you guys had a happy Easter!!

Mel (kims friend) said...

Emily, your children really are just absurdly adorable. I could just steal Liam and eat him up!

Greene Family said...

Seamus, Grace, and Liam are so beautiful/handsome in their Easter outfits!! I'm so impressed that you and your mom made (and just the week before!) Grace's dress and accessories, Liam's outfit and Seamus' tie - adorable!! I wish I had inherited some of my Gram's and aunts (my mom has none) sewing skills!
It looks like the kids had fun at the Easter party! Your own personal Easter Bunny . . . soooo cute!!
Love Grace's abundance of excitement Easter morning! :) It looks like they got baskets full of great goodies!
Happy to hear you all had a wonderful Easter!

Yiannakis Family said...

You are my hero! I can't believe you and your mom made all those Easter outfits. I am definitely in awe of your skills. I got a great sewing machine for Christmas, but have yet had the time to try to figure the darn thing out. At least you're giving me something to aspire to. All of the kids look just beautiful, Great work Emily!

Kim said...

I mean I almost cannot deal with this cuteness overload. Those outfits are beyond adorable! I am so loving the colors. yellow and cornflower blue! Remember I had that theme in my dining room in NY? I just can eat up your kids like Mel said. How is it possible your children have never dyed Easter eggs? You are the mother that let's them paint on the kitchen floor! LOL! I will forgive you. Seriously, again, though, the outfits are stunning as are the children in them!

Caden and Mommy said...

I love that you made the kids Easter outfits. Really, how do you find the time?
Adorable pics. Liam's Star Wars shirt is so cute. No worries that they hadn't dyed eggs before ... it was just less mess you had to worry about in the past ;0)