Saturday, April 23, 2011


So yes, I’m aware that I may be biased.


But really…


Could this possibly be the cutest seven-month-old on the planet??


Love this sweet baby boy so much!  His infectious giggle, his squishy thighs, his cute two front teeth…I just can’t get enough of him!


He is getting so big right before our eyes.  Rolling all over the place, kicking his legs like crazy, still a bit of a Weeble when it comes to sitting up, but he’s getting close!  Loves to “talk” with us, grab our faces, and thoroughly inspect any piece of jewelry he can get his hands on.


We’re also still waiting for Mr. Baldy McBalderson to grow some hair!  But no worries, we still think he’s as cute as can be Smile


Happy Seven Months, Liam!  Love you so much!


Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

He definitely is Cute!!! What thighs!! I want to eat them up! He has 2 teeth! So cool! Lyla has one tooth that just came up! She chews on everything! LOL

Kim said...

I was thinking to myself on the first picture, I want to eat those thighs. He really can give Seamus a run for his money when Seamus was that age! I don't think you are biased-he is just too precious for words!

Greene Family said...

Happy 7 months Sweet Liam!! Yes - he certainly is cute as can be!!! He just looks so huggable . . . hope you are preparing him for when I finally get to meet him in person! :) I can just imagine how infectious his giggles are as his smiles certainly are too! Adorable!!