Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Attempt at Opening Day

Finally, t-ball season is here!  Seamus couldn’t have been more excited for the season to start, and Grace is even playing this year too!  I am a tad nervous because she is the child who trips over her own feet, but her enthusiasm has been great and I can’t wait to see how she does this year.

First up on Saturday was the annual Little League parade!  All of the teams march through Troy with a police escort, ending up at the fields.  Everyone marched pretty darn quickly because it was FREEZING out there.  Yeah, that spring weather I had mentioned is nowhere to be found!


Guess who was there to greet us at the fields?  Southpaw!!!


The morning after the parade was to be our first game.  Again, bitter freezing cold and RAINING to boot.  But we were all so excited, we bundled up and headed to the mud pit, I mean, t-ball field.

Unfortunately, due to a schedule mix-up, the other team did not show.  So they had a little practice instead and got to play on the field for the the first time.

Look at my girl!  I am so proud of her.


Run Gigi, run!


Here’s my little all-star…so happy to be playing and SO happy that his jersey is #2 again this year…just like Derek Jeter.


(They are wearing long johns under their uniforms, that’s how cold it was!)



Here he comes!  He wanted to slide so bad…we asked him to please save it for a drier day!  They had a blast even though it wasn’t a real game.  Looking forward to more fun this season!


And of course my littlest love…such a fun and busy weekend, he bounced himself right to sleep in the Jumperoo!



Caden and Mommy said...

Oh Seamus ~ you are a superstar. He is so cute out there on the ball field and so aggresive :0) Wanting to slide I love it.
And Gracie Girl, so cute! She looks so confident at that T.
Sorry your weather has been wet and cold. Up unti this past weekend I wondered if Spring was going to make an appearance and stick around. We had been about 15 degrees below our average. Hoping the sun and warmth arrives for you soon!

Yiannakis Family said...

Wow, how cool that the kids get to have their own parade. I love this idea!! I agree about the weather, Peyton's been missing lots of lacrosse time this year due to rain in our area and it doesn't feel like spring is ever going to get here. I figure we're just going to skip over it and go directly to the heat and humidity of summer we get. Great pictures of the kiddos. Hope Seamus and Gracie have a great time playing this year!!

Kim said...

YAY for t-ball. Just love the kids in their uniforms. Next year I am hoping that Pres wants to play baseball. You know how much I love it. Here's to an amazing season for both Seamus and Grace!! I hope spring comes soon (if I recall it does start to rear its head around May in Albany). It does look a tad frigid in those pictures!!!

Melisa said...

Great action shots of the kids and tball. Seamus looks like such a pro already. Our Little League parade was canceled due to rain! I think the weather has been rather crazy all over the US lately. Hoping some April showers (or snow for you) will bring on some May flowers and shine some sun on you.

Greene Family said...

Oh my - they are so adorable in their uniforms!! Love Seamus' excitement, and how fun that he and Grace are on the same t-ball team together this season! They both look awesome out on the field! I hope all of you have a blast this season! Love the pics!! Sure hope the warm weather has arrived there now!
Aww - Liam looks SO snuggable in that last picture!