Monday, February 22, 2010

And Baby Makes Five

So most of you have probably heard from my announcement on Facebook that we are expecting baby #3!!
This was a bit of a surprise, but we are very excited and looking forward to all the adventures that lie ahead. I am due at the very end of September and will have an exact date after an ultrasound next week. I’ve been feeling great, which has been a blessing with all of my pregnancies, aside from an insanely insatiable hunger that will strike at any given moment…

Such as at 10 pm the other night when I leapt out of bed and dashed to the kitchen, convinced that if I did not immediately consume the leftover piece of cheese pizza in the fridge, I would absolutely perish from starvation on the spot.

Yeah, sadly, it works like that for pretty much the entire 9 months! Makes for a lot of extra work on my part when trying to lose those baby pounds! Thankfully, the doc says I can keep running, so I’ve been hitting the treadmill every other day and having some of the best runs I’ve had in a long while.

The kids are VERY excited – albeit a bit confused as to exactly where I’m hiding this baby – and have already decided on what it will be called. Seamus says that if it is a girl, her name will be Ella, and a boy will be Prince Charmont. (He’s currently fixated on the movie Ella Enchanted.) Grace is favoring Jasmine or Aladdin, which has already led to a few arguments between the two of them, causing Seamus to say, “Well, we will just have to have TWO babies – one for me and one for you.”

Bahahahaha. Dream on, kiddos!!

Thank you all for the well wishes – we look forward to sharing this adventure with you!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentine’s Day…

…really had nothing to do with Valentine’s Day at all!!

We stink at this holiday.  Devon and I have never really celebrated it, because our anniversary is the day after, and it’s more fun for us to celebrate that.  Of course we do the requisite store-bought boxes of valentines for the kids to give their friends, but beyond that I’m pretty much tapped out. 

I felt super guilty this year after seeing all the cute crafty blogs -  all the Moms with their heart-shaped pancakes and hand-crafted Cupid cards and pink-tinted milk. 

Next year, I need to step up.  Heart-shaped sandwiches for everyone!!

But we did have a very fun day, despite the lack of Valentine-ness.  Some good friends of ours invited us to a local indoor pool complex, and it was the perfect break from gloomy winter!


See those cone-shaped bucket things up there? They fill up with water and just randomly – and unsuspectingly – dump about 42 gallons of water RIGHT ON YOUR HEAD.  (And your camera.  Was I paying attention?  Of course.)








Lots of silly splashing, sliding, and spraying…I think this could be a new Valentine’s Day tradition!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Camengas on Ice!

This weekend was the time for trying new things…like ice skating!  Our awesome school hosts an annual Family Skate Night, and this year we decided we would give it a whirl.

I had no idea how much they were going to love it!!

036 027

They started out quite wobbly, and cruised around with help from Daddy and lots of the other kids.  (Mommy was too chicken to put skates on.)



But then they got braver and braver, and by the end of the night, Grace was zipping around by herself, and Seamus was almost a pro at scooting the buckets across the ice!



Because of the lack of snow, we were running out of fun winter activities to do…but I think we’ve discovered a new favorite!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


 Mommy, I told you, I don’t LIKE grilled cheese sandwiches!  If you make me eat this grilled cheese sandwich, I am going to get sick.


Maybe if I close my eyes and wish really hard, this grilled cheese sandwich will turn into a chocolate cupcake!


Oooh, I can see it!  Big and chocolately, with lots of frosting…and sprinkles!!


I’m going to open my eyes now…I can’t wait to eat that cupcake!!


Sigh.  Mom.  I am NOT going to eat this grilled cheese sandwich.


When you have cupcakes, we’ll talk.