Thursday, August 27, 2009

Batman Gets His Tonsils Out

Batman is one tough dude! Even though he told me repeatedly that he was NOT going to get his tonsils out, that he was "just going to leave them in," he was brave as can be and came through the surgery without a hitch. He struck a crime-fighting pose in the waiting room of the OR just before he was brought back.

Daddy got to bring him back to the OR and stay with him while they put him experience that Devon said he would rather not describe in detail! Thank goodness for Daddy...
Just after being moved up to the floor, hanging out in his "lion cage," I went to the cafeteria and brought bag a bag of food for Devon. This was Seamus watching Daddy pull the food out of the bag. So much for no appetite!

In great spirits!

Finally getting that ice cream he'd been promised for weeks...

I am so thrilled with how well he did today. He's on some pretty heavy-duty meds in the hospital right now, so I've been warned that the sunny disposition may disappear once the narcotics are gone! But after a bad PACU experience from his adenoidectomy, we were expecting the worst, and he really was a superstar today.
Thank you so much everyone for your kind thoughts and well wishes!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Day at the Track

One of our very favorite summer traditions is heading up to the Saratoga Race Track. We are very lucky to live close by! I remember countless summer days during my childhood at the track - hanging out on the picnic blanket, watching the throngs of excited people in the grandstands, and especially the thrill of leaning up against the fence and watching the horses fly by.

Of course, like all of our family traditions, we have continued this one with Seamus and Grace as well!

Here's Seamus making his very first picks at 5 weeks old.

At one year old, with a little more experience, letting us know which horse he wants to bet.

Showing Grace how to pick a winner on her very first outing to the track.

Last year's racing season, taking a break after a fun day of betting!

Now at four, he's a pro!

So, while we don't usually leave as big winners, we sure have a fun time at the track!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Five on Friday

1. Grace is becoming quite the little artist. Here is a picture she drew of Daddy. I think the resemblance is remarkable! Funny, she draws them sideways, just the way you're looking at it here.

2. Cute pic from the rodeo! We have a real, live rodeo at a ranch nearby, and the kids absolutely love it. Seamus saw a ten-year-old girl riding a horse, so he's convinced that since a "little" girl can ride, he can too. He was all set for the occasion...notice the Dixie Stampede flag!

3. I think that one of these may be in our future...

4. Check out this cool dude!

On a slightly less giddy note, Seamus is joining the T & A club and will be getting his tonsils out on Aug 27th. (Adenoids came out a year ago.) And while I know this is already true, I need everyone to remind me that it is going to be absolutely fine!

5. And last but not least...exciting news! We have been very blessed to meet another POLP family in our area! Katie and Arthur are parents to Julia, who is nearly two and has achondroplasia. Katie found my blog and recognized the room where Seamus had his sleep study done as the same room where Julia had hers! They live about 15 minutes away from us and we have gotten together a few times now.
Julia is so cute, and incredibly smart! She knows all her letters, numbers and colors. She has been working on climbing and sitting up. The kids just love her, and Grace especially is quite enamored with her! We feel very lucky to have met some new friends!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Grace and I were playing game of Memory last night. I was telling her how we need to be gentle when playing with the cards, so they don't bend. I said, "It's important that we take care of our toys and play nicely with them."
She says, "Yes, or Daddy will take them away."

I said, "That's right, and then what do we do?" (Meaning = We say we are sorry and then we play nicely.)

She says, "You go in your room and cry."


Another Grace-ism: When we have chicken nuggets for dinner, she always asks for a side of Barbie Cute sauce to dip them in. Gotta love her.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Song

So my little boy turned four at the beginning of July. It was a crazy, hectic time and I didn't get to do a sappy birthday post, reflecting on how quickly these four years have gone by, and how I can't believe what a little man he's turning into.

So I'm going to get sappy now!

When Seamus was about three months old, we lived with my parents for a few weeks in between selling one house and moving into another. During this time, we got his official diagnosis of achondroplasia. Of course, it wasn't an easy time, being cramped into one small bedroom together, with a new baby, and trying to adjust to this new life and new diagnosis that we had been thrust into. One day, I was sitting in my parents' living room, rocking with Seamus in the rocking chair, and flipping through the channels. I stopped at CMT to watch a few videos, and that's when this song came on.

You know how we sometimes have those "A-ha" moments, and everything suddenly seems to fall into place and make sense? That's what happened to me when I heard this song. After weeks and weeks of worrying about bringing up a child in this world who wouldn't fit the typical mold, it all became clear to me. I realized...there's no way that life is always going to be perfect or easy! But as long as I am able to instill pride and a positive attitude in my son, then he will be okay. Everything will be okay.

This song became our anthem, the song we would play for him as a tiny baby, and the song he now loves to sing as a big 4-year-old. I carry these words around with my daily on my keychain.
And of course, if he decides to get married, on his wedding day this will be the song he dances to with his mom.

Happy birthday to my little baby...

My big boy...

Always remember to dream big.