Friday, August 14, 2009

Five on Friday

1. Grace is becoming quite the little artist. Here is a picture she drew of Daddy. I think the resemblance is remarkable! Funny, she draws them sideways, just the way you're looking at it here.

2. Cute pic from the rodeo! We have a real, live rodeo at a ranch nearby, and the kids absolutely love it. Seamus saw a ten-year-old girl riding a horse, so he's convinced that since a "little" girl can ride, he can too. He was all set for the occasion...notice the Dixie Stampede flag!

3. I think that one of these may be in our future...

4. Check out this cool dude!

On a slightly less giddy note, Seamus is joining the T & A club and will be getting his tonsils out on Aug 27th. (Adenoids came out a year ago.) And while I know this is already true, I need everyone to remind me that it is going to be absolutely fine!

5. And last but not least...exciting news! We have been very blessed to meet another POLP family in our area! Katie and Arthur are parents to Julia, who is nearly two and has achondroplasia. Katie found my blog and recognized the room where Seamus had his sleep study done as the same room where Julia had hers! They live about 15 minutes away from us and we have gotten together a few times now.
Julia is so cute, and incredibly smart! She knows all her letters, numbers and colors. She has been working on climbing and sitting up. The kids just love her, and Grace especially is quite enamored with her! We feel very lucky to have met some new friends!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Caden and Mommy said...

Your kids are SO cute ... Grace has quite the artistic ability! and Seamus is so Mature for his age .... already shaving just like Daddy?! :0)
How fun to meet Julia! An awesome opportunity! We are still looking for LP's Caden's age near us.
Seamus & Grace are adorable at the rodeo! I can't wait for Seamus to make his debut :0)
Good luck with tonsils! Seamus is older and I'm sure everything will go smoothly for you guys!

Katie said...

What a fun rodeo! Cole is having tubes put in the day after Seamus' T&A. Both boys will do GREAT! Love the pic of Seamus "shaving."

Kim said...

That is so awesome you met another family!!!! Another person to join our exclusive club! I love all the pictures-especially the one of Seamus shaving. TOO CUTE! I also think Grace is quite the artist. She is taking after daddy wanting to draw huh? Devon is a great artist so even though her pictures may be sideways now...who knows what the future holds.
Seamus is going to do GREAT! I am going to be making our appointment this week hopefully for some time in October!
So cool you have a rodeo nearby. Hoping to see one next year in Nashville!

Greene Family said...

Seamus and Grace are too cute - love the pictures! Love Grace's artwork! Your little man is growing up so fast - already shaving! :)
That is awesome that you met another family so close by!
Seamus will do great with his surgery! We'll be thinking of you guys! I'm sure he'll be smiling in the hospital for you!

Melissa Swartley said...

Looks like such a great time! I love the pictures of Seamus shaving! Too cute! Yay! So glad to hear that you met another family close by! I'm sure Seamus is going to do great with his surgery! We will definitely be thinking of you guys and praying things go smoothly! :)

Jen Weisser said...

WOW! I totally do see the resemblance between Gracie's pic & Dev!! lol!
Seamus will be just fine! he is a tough little guy!
Cant wait to see you guys this weekend!

Katie said...

And we are so very, very glad to have met your family! Seamus and Grace are such sweeties!

Destini said...

Awesome! Tell Seamus that he can come down and ride Booger anytime he wants! I need to just buck up and pay the insane amount for the saddle I found at for the boys to ride on (just not pink)!