Sunday, July 31, 2011

Animal Land with the Weissers

Today we had a blast visiting Adirondack Animal Land with the Weissers!  It was a perfect day weather-wise and we were excited to go back and see the great animals.  The last time we were there was three years ago!


Animal Land has a ton of great animals – goats, spider monkeys, deer, giraffes, bears, rams – plus ton of others with weird names that we can’t pronounce!  The kids are able to feed many of them.



We haven’t seen Ethan and Collin since May, which we think is why the kids were so riled up today!


These two boys…rock stars in training, I tell you!


It is too funny to watch the animals running around with the kids…it’s hard to tell who is more wild!


This picture is from our last visit to Animal Land…look at how itty bitty Seamus and Ethan are!


We had them stand in front of the giraffe and show us their muscles again!  Such big boys now!


And of course my littlest…he enjoyed his first visit here!


Another great day with these crazy kids! 

Monday, July 25, 2011


Oy.  This was the toughest month yet!

A few days late, poor lighting, not in focus, blurry action, and one rascally little boy…

A photo shoot fail!

But, that is life…and the important thing is, we have a ten-month-old!

Liam is now crawling…watch out!  He loves to explore and get into “trouble.”  He loves finding shoes and trying to munch on them, just like his big sister did.


He loves his food!  We haven’t found anything yet that he’ll turn down!  Luckily peas and cucumbers are two of his favorites, so he’s a healthy muncher.


He’s learning to pull up in his crib and loves to mimic sounds.  He claps, plays “Twinkle, twinkle,” gives kisses and does “so big!” 

Floating in the pool and bathtime are things that Liam loves…he is a water boy!  His favorite place to be is perched on Mommy’s hip, watching all the action. 


We love you Liam!  Happy Ten Months!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Liam’s First Vacation

My little silly-face Liam had a great time on his first Myrtle Beach vacation!  We all did!

048 A week on the beach and we did so much fun stuff, like…

Dig for sand crabs and clams on the beach,


Splash in the tide pools,

Swim in the pool,

Eat lots of great food,

Jump in the waves,

Draw in the sand,

Have impromptu concerts on the beach,

Ride the Pavilion rides,

Jump on a bungee trampoline,

Meet some pirates,

And just enjoy being all together!



MB 2011 was a great success!  We survived the long car ride and had a blast meeting some friends along the way!  We’ll hang onto that salt-air smell and sandy clothes for as long as we can, and ease back into reality.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures of our fun!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vacation Time!

Finally on our way!  Heading out of Troy and ready for adventure.

We headed to NJ and spent the night before driving to Virginia the next day.  We were lucky to meet up with the Greene family!  Jenn, Jason, Simon and Jude joined us for some fun at Maymont Park.
A little pre-park picnic and ball playing!

We had a little...ahem...disagreement about who got to hold Simon's hand all day!

Having fun with the river otter!  I think this was the hardest they laughed all day!
After Maymont, we had some yummy pizza in Richmond and said farewell to our friends.  Thanks Greene family, for a great  day together!

Then it was on to Kim and Preston's house for a sleepover!

These kiddos were super goofy and had a great time playing together!
Devon was lying on the floor trying to put together a Lego car and apparently the kids thought he would make a great bucking bronco!

The boys and their trucks

We had so much fun visiting!  Thank you, Kim and Pres!

After what seemed like an eternity in the car, we have finally arrived at Myrtle Beach!  Looking forward  to a great week of fun and sun!