Friday, August 29, 2008

Adirondack Animal Land

Last Sunday we took a trip to the Adirondack Animal Land, and we had a fantastic time! We met up with our friends Jen and Fred, and their adorable boys Ethan and Collin. Ethan has achondroplasia like Seamus, and they are two peas in a pod! Jen and I met through POLP and realized that we only live about an hour from each other, and we've been getting together every month since the boys were about 18 months old. I'm sure you other LP parents feel the same way, but it's just wonderful and reassuring to connect with other families, and to ensure that our kids will grow up with friends who are like them.

The park was great, and the kids were in awe of the animals.

Here's Seamus feeding a goat. He loved doing this, every time a goat took a cracker out of his hand, he did a funny a little dance and waved his arms around, saying "I did it, I did it!"

Grace was a little unsure of the petting area at first, but soon loved it...she didn't want to leave!

"Come here, goat!!"

Seamus and Ethan getting friendly with the animals...they were the perfect size!

The safari ride....yes, the camels were really this close!!

Here's Seamus and Ethan showing off their muscles!!

What a fun day! This summer flew by so quickly, but we really had a great time and did so much. Seamus starts Pre-K one week from big boy is going to school!


Mike said...

Love the muscle pic! Looks like a fun day!

Tonya said...

What a great day!!! It is a great feeling to know other parent's who get it, ya know!!

Jaime said...

This looks like such a fun place to spend the day at! Thanks for sharing Emily!

Alex said...

how nice for him to have an LP friend so close by!!

Malana said...

Well said.