Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Say What?

I think we'd all like to believe our kids are exceptionally intelligent. I remember gushing over every tiny milestone, like the first time Seamus babbled back and forth with me, and saying to myself, "He's so smart!" He could complete a small shape-sorter at around 15 months old, and I thought, "Maybe he's a mathematical genius!" Although as time passed and his language was not developing, it became clear that he needed an evaluation. I remember Linda, the genetics counselor from DuPont saying to us, "He's going to be small, you don't want him to talk funny too." Ouch. Way to make us feel like Parents of the Year!

Seamus qualified for speech therapy and also had ear tubes placed to correct a hearing loss due to excess fluid. With the help of his therapy (and a Leapfrog DVD), he learned all of his letters and the sound each one makes. Fast forward to a year later...now, we can't get this kid to shut up! His speech development has been truly remarkable.

One evening last week in particular. The four of us were sitting around the dinner table, Devon, Grace and I eating normal dinner food, and Seamus eating a bowl of Rice Krispies and banana (his food aversions are a whole other post!) He was also clad only in Thomas the Train briefs (hey, it's summer, he's hot, and I'm choosing my battles.) He was talking, encouraging himself to take a bite - "Come on, tuck it in the bucket!" (I believe he got the "tuck it in the bucket" phrase from his babysitter, pretty original if you ask me.) He gets a giant scoop of Krispies and perfectly diced banana loaded onto his spoon, holds it steady and aims, and just as it approaches his open mouth, the entire spoonful slides off and dribbles down his belly. And all over Thomas. He looks at the empty spoon, and then down at the mess on his lap, and says "Oh, Jesus!"

You know when your kid does something like this and you want to burst out laughing, but you can't because you don't want to encourage inappropriate behavior? This is what is happening to me at this moment, except I had just taken a large sip of wine. So I let out some kind of a snort/choke and managed to aspirate a good amount of my Pinot Noir. I look over at my husband, whose beet-red face is looking down, shoulders shaking with silent laughter. Where on earth did he learn to say that??? The Wiggles Christmas DVD talks about baby Jesus, and Seamus' school is a Catholic elementary school, so all that plus church on Sundays, he's heard quite a lot about Jesus. Maybe he was just praying??

Seeing no reaction from Devon or I, Seamus tries again. "Oh, Jesus!" he yells with more exuberance. I seriously can't take it. I try to look stern. "Seamus! That is not a very nice thing to say. Jesus would be sad if he heard you talking like that." He looks confused. I tell him, "You can say, Oh my goodness!"

So what does he say then? "Oh my God!"

Is he just a particularly devout child, or do I have something to be concerned about here??

He tells me he can't wait to go to school to see Baby Jesus. Right now, I'm just envisioning the first phone call from the teacher, when Seamus spills the glue or drops his crayons and his little voice shouts out, "Oh, Jesus!"


Mike said...

I don't usually start laughing uncontrollably while reading blog posts, but that was hysterical! I can only imagine how hard it must have been to restrain yourself... My 5 year old son has taken to saying "Oh, darn it" lately, and I have no idea where he's picked that up... Could be worse, though! LOL

Caden and Mommy said...

Too funny! I love it! I have found one of the hardest things about being a parent is trying not to laugh while disciplining! Caden will get in the cat food and toss it all over the floor. As I tell him no, no ... he says it back to me - hard to keep a straight fadce! Gotta love them!

Kim said...

Ok so I am so picturing this whole exchange and I am laughing so hard right now. I actually blurted "Jesus Christ" and of course copy cat said it and it just sounded so funny.
I am also very impressed that he is so understanding of his faith as well.
Also-what Leapfrog DVD? You know what is so funny? Since we met if you would tell me something Seamus did, I would then say-ok five months from now Preston will be doing this.... so I need to workon letters!
I am still working on potty so hard! He is so stubborn.

As I said with your Kodak album-I love this pic of Seamus!
Miss you!

Tonya said...

Funny! Kids take things so literal! I can't wait to hear hw he reasoned this out with himself, because you know he has been thinking about it!

Tonya said...

Oh and I fixed your link on my blog...it's not like Grace is writing an enitre blog yet...DUH! My fault. ;)