Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lollipops and Lovin' Life

So we seem to be getting into our groove here with the school year...Seamus is doing great, looks forward to going to school in the morning and can't wait to tell me all about it when he gets home. He loves singing 'Today is Monday" and "God Bless America," and likes to give me the rundown of who cried that morning at drop-off time. I'm so relieved that he is adjusting so well! I have to give credit to my amazing husband, who does the entire morning routine - breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed, socks & shoes, brushing hair, lunchbags and backpacks, dropping off Grace, taking Seamus to school - all by himself! He even manages to get a bow in Grace's hair. I leave for work when everyone is still asleep, so he's in charge of getting everyone out the door and where they need to be - and then he picks them both up in the afternoon. I feel like such a Slacker Mommy! I am so lucky to be married to such an awesome guy.

After some careful consideration, I just have to say a word about lollipops. Does anyone else feel that lollipops are God's gift to a parent of toddlers??? I never realized the magical power held within the core of a Dum-Dum. We could be anywhere, and the kids could be having a meltdown of the highest degree, and all I have to say is, "Oh, it's too bad you aren't behaving nicely, because Mommy has some pops..." And then a complete 360! We used lollipops like they were government bribes in order to get through restaurant meals while on vacation. The really funny thing is, my kids don't even like ice cream or chocolate (whose children are they?!) but something about that sweet little ball of yumminess on a stick just sends them into a tailspin of delight. We went to a pool party this past weekend, and the hostess had bowls of Tootsie pops. The kids were being excellent, so we decided to reward them each with a pop...and they didn't move from their chairs for an hour!

Life is good!

I'm so excited that the fall weather is finally arrived, and can't wait to get out and do some apple-picking and visit the pumpkin patch. The kids have been super close lately, maybe because they don't spend all day with each other anymore? Not sure what it is, but there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my two babies playing together and loving on each other.

Here they are doing their "super silly face."

Riding the horsey - I love his face, I'm sure he's thinking, "Enjoy it while it lasts, sweetheart!"

Hope everyone is having a great week! Anyone have some exciting plans for fall?


Destini said...

Hiw great that Seamus loves school so mouch - if only they stayed like that! I agree with the suckers - we use them as bribes for everything - Trace ate 4 during his last haircut (just don't tell the dentist)! The kids are adorable together! Oh yeah, my fall plans are to hit a horse trail ride every weekend - mommy time!

Jaime said...

I'm so glad that Seamus is loving school. I know that Caitlyn will adjust and also learn to love it. I totally agree that lollipops are wonderful gifts from God. Caty is a big fan of dum dums, however I wish that the sticks were not made of paper, because she takes so long to eat just one - that the stick falls apart! But still, they are great!

Kim said...

Preston was on my lap while reading this and was super excited to see Seamus and Grace. He literally was like-Mommy it's Seamus and Grace! It was really funny.
Lollipops-he likes them but I have not used them as a bribe yet-I have been using Friendly's as the bribe, because you know my kid and food.
I love the pictures of the kids of course and cannot wait until the September album!
Love that Seamus gives you the run down-Preston also tells me who cries. These boys are two peas in a pod.

Devon gets a gold star. Tell him I think he is quite an awesome guy and dad as well!

Caden and Mommy said...

Great posts ... we've only experienced lollipops once and that was on our airplane ride during the Holidays - but I'm sure my time is coming. You are truly lucky to have your husband! I'm lucky if I can get Dan to take Caden to childcare one day a week! So often I feel like I have two kids rather than a kid and a husband :0)
I love the picture of Seamus and Grace playing horsey - that facial expression is priceless!