Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fun with Friends

On Sunday we had our monthly get-together with our friends Jen and Fred, and their boys Ethan (also achon) and Collin. Seamus and Ethan are absolute best buddies, and have so much fun when they are together!

We blew up the bounce house in the living room, which the kids thought was hilarious!

They are such goofballs! I love how they interact.

We have been talking a lot about next year's convention. We are definitely attending, and trying to figure out some tentative plans. So now I need some input from all of you:

Are you planning on attending the convention next year in Brooklyn?
How many days will you attend?
Are you going to stay in the hotel hosting the convention?

I know it would be most convenient to stay in the Brooklyn Marriott, but even at the LPA rate, the price per night is not cheap. We have been investigating other options, such as renting an apartment. We definitely all want to be there for the 4th of July fireworks, and then July 5th will be Seamus' 4th birthday! It's going to be an exciting time. So let me know if any of you have started planning already!

(And all of you fancy bloggers...Katie, Trisha, Mandy, etc...I need to learn the tricks to make my blog look pretty! I'm blog-challenged! Help!)


Katie said...

We are planning on attending. I haven't really thought that far in advance about where we will stay. I was thinking that we would fly in on Friday and leave Tuesday or Wednesday. My hubby will need to get back to work.

*If you send me your email address I can send you directions on how to make your blog cute..I know I helped Trisha and I think I sent it to Mandy as well...*

Danielle said...

This is too funny, I was just driving home from target thinking I needed to post the exact same questions! So it's hard for me to answer, but I guess in a perfect world we'd want to be there from saturday through wednesday night, leaving thursday. but 5 nights at the price of the hotel...ouch. I'd prefer to stay in the marriot, but it might be too much.

Jaime said...

Hi Emily, we won't be making it to the convention. As much as I would love to be there, it's just too far for us. We're planning on attending the 2010 in Nashville though. Country Music here I come!!! As for finding a place to stay, check out (Vacation Rental By Owner). My parents have a condo in Maui, which we'll actually be going to in June, hence another reason why New York is out, but they rent it out and have it listed on (their owner listing is #190985 if you'd like to check it out). They have used the vrbo site to find other places to stay, so check it out and you might get lucky with finding a condo or house for the convention. Let me know if it works for you.

Alex said...

we are going for sure, we just don't know how long yet.

Caden and Mommy said...


That is so cool that Seamus has a LP friend close by! I am JEALOUS! We have yet to find anyone Caden's age near us!
We are for sure going to the convention this year! I cannot wait for it. I'm not sure the exact days but we will proably be there longer than the convention runs ... Dan wants time to do sight seeing also. I have made it quite clear to my family that Caden does not need toys for Christmas and to consider donating to our LPA trip. My mom is also in the process of donating her commissions from her Silpada Jewelry business to Caden's LPA NY adventure :0)
Have you received any info from LPA yet on the NY conference? I have not, I've only checked their website.

Caden and Mommy said...

... also, I can thank Katie for the blog design help. Her instructions are great! ... happy designing :0)

Greene Family said...

Hi Emily,
I've read your blog a few times from links on other blogs, and I thought I would leave a quick a message . . . Seamus is so adorable! That is great that he has an LP friend close by too!
We are planning on attending the convention, but we haven't decided on dates (probably the first 3 or 4 days) or place yet.

mandymomof2 said...

Katie can help with the Blog design. I am not the tech queen. I am just a copier and paster of codes.

As far as New York. We are not sure. Finances might be a little on the tight side. I know if you stay in New Jersey and drive over the bridge it is cheaper.
It would be nice to just pitch in with a few others and rent a condo or apartment.

Becky said...

Hi Emily,

How lucky for Seamus to have a buddy who is also achon living nearby. That will be a huge asset to him when he gets older. My daughter is also achon. I started my blog this summer too, and I also need help to make it pretty. Do you mind if I add your blog to mine?


Destini said...


We are talking about going, our only problem is that my family does the summer beach vacation in July, but I think that Trace will be old enough to make some buddies and I would love to meet my blogging friends in person! If we do go it will probably be for the week and we will try to stay at the Marriott, if I can't find a better deal somewhere closeby.

Kim said...

Here is my question-can I still go even though I am not a member of LPA? Can I pay for this event only?
As for where I am staying-wherever my father gets his new apartment.
I cannot wait to meet everyone. Emily-I hope to see you guys before next summer! Preston loves looking at the pics of Seamus!

Jillsblog said...

A bouncy house in the that is a fun playdate!!!

We are going to the LPA event in NY....haven't even thought about where to stay...we are in Boston, so maybe we should start checking it out....

Anonymous said...

I showed Steve the pictures of the bounce house in the living room and he loved it! Fantastic idea! Seamus has the coolest mom ever! All the kids are going to want to come over to play at your house!