Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yikes, it’s a good thing I got around to taking Liam’s 11-month picture before he turned 1 year old! 

This month he didn’t mind staying put on the cushion and left his 11 alone, but he was Mr. Grumpy-face!  No smiling allowed!

That’s ok though, we still think he’s pretty darn cute.


I just can’t believe almost an entire year has gone by since Liam came into our lives!


He went from rolling, to crawling, to pulling up, to standing alone, to cruising all in the matter of a few short weeks!  I wouldn’t be surprised if walking was just around the corner.


It is so funny to see him becoming a “big boy”…he loves rolling cars and trucks on the floor, stacking and knocking over block towers, and loves, loves, love to dance!


Annnnndddd….we’re done!


Love you so very much, Liam!  Happy Eleven Months!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gettin' Wild at the ZOO!

Today we had a great time at the Bronx Zoo with the Granshaw family!  We were thrilled to finally meet Leslie, Eddie, Emma and Lyla in person, along with Leslie's sister, brother-in-law and niece!

It was hot, sticky, and rainy, but that didn't put a damper on the fun!  I have never been to the Bronx Zoo before, and I was just as excited as the kids!

There were amazing animal Lego displays throughout the zoo.  Seamus, the Lego-lover, was in heaven!

Grace and Emma quickly became BFFs

In the beautiful butterfly house

Grace had butterflies landing on her head!  I think they were attracted to her hairbow!

Seamus, Grace and Emma having fun in the reptile house

A Lego gorilla

Group photo!

Saying hello to a peacock

The birthday buddies!  Liam and Lyla's birthdays are just 1 day apart

The kids had so much fun together and the adults had a great time chatting.  They are a wonderful family and we were so glad to meet them in person!
Such a fun day...the zoo is so big that we couldn't even cover it all.  That just means we'll have to visit again!  Thank you Granshaws and Porcellis for a fantastic day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Liam’s First Track Day

On a whim, the kids and I joined my parents at the Saratoga Race Track on a day that was supposed to be rainy.  The summer is just flying by, and I really didn’t want to miss an opportunity to get Liam up there for his first visit!  So although Daddy had to work, we ended up having a great day and the weather was perfect. 

Ready to pick a winner!


Training Liam on how to be a good race spectator.


Seamus is an old pro!


And Grace is following in her big bro’s footsteps!


We are usually content hanging out at a picnic table in the back, but Seamus loves catching all the action in the grandstands…he doesn’t want to miss a minute.  He always has the binoculars handy!


Liam is waiting for the horses to fly by…


Love these three :-)


No big wins for us, because I’m usually more focused on eating than gambling (hello, Shake Shack on site!!), but hopefully we’ll make it one more time this season with Daddy!  Still a chance to come away with a win!

Monday, August 8, 2011

God Bless Liam

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Liam’s baptism day.  It was a beautiful day with our great family, but unfortunately Liam was a little less than “angelic” during the brief ceremony!

Check out this scowl!  (We joked that he was probably annoyed that we put him in a sissy-looking outfit!)


In his defense, he was pretty tired from the excitement of the day and it was about 150 degrees in the church.  The one part he did enjoy was getting water poured on his head!


I was quite literally melting away from the excessive heat and the 22-pound bundle of squirming fussiness that I was trying to contain in my arms!  I remembered why we baptized our other two children while they were still immobile!


Despite Liam’s antics, it really was lovely.  Here we our with our priest, Father Vaughn.


With Grandma and Grandpa Camenga


With Nanny and Poppy


And with Liam’s godparents, Aunt Sue and Uncle Charles


Thank you to our family for celebrating with us! God Bless Liam!