Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yikes, it’s a good thing I got around to taking Liam’s 11-month picture before he turned 1 year old! 

This month he didn’t mind staying put on the cushion and left his 11 alone, but he was Mr. Grumpy-face!  No smiling allowed!

That’s ok though, we still think he’s pretty darn cute.


I just can’t believe almost an entire year has gone by since Liam came into our lives!


He went from rolling, to crawling, to pulling up, to standing alone, to cruising all in the matter of a few short weeks!  I wouldn’t be surprised if walking was just around the corner.


It is so funny to see him becoming a “big boy”…he loves rolling cars and trucks on the floor, stacking and knocking over block towers, and loves, loves, love to dance!


Annnnndddd….we’re done!


Love you so very much, Liam!  Happy Eleven Months!

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Nanny said...

I love you too Liam. You are such a good baby!