Monday, August 8, 2011

God Bless Liam

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Liam’s baptism day.  It was a beautiful day with our great family, but unfortunately Liam was a little less than “angelic” during the brief ceremony!

Check out this scowl!  (We joked that he was probably annoyed that we put him in a sissy-looking outfit!)


In his defense, he was pretty tired from the excitement of the day and it was about 150 degrees in the church.  The one part he did enjoy was getting water poured on his head!


I was quite literally melting away from the excessive heat and the 22-pound bundle of squirming fussiness that I was trying to contain in my arms!  I remembered why we baptized our other two children while they were still immobile!


Despite Liam’s antics, it really was lovely.  Here we our with our priest, Father Vaughn.


With Grandma and Grandpa Camenga


With Nanny and Poppy


And with Liam’s godparents, Aunt Sue and Uncle Charles


Thank you to our family for celebrating with us! God Bless Liam!



Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Congratulations to Liam on his Baptism! The cake was beautiful! Can't wait till the 21st! Xoxo

Caden and Mommy said...

Precious! Love the family pictures ... and I'm still waiting for a "non-angelic" picture of Grace :0)

Kim said...

You guys look fantastic. I love all your family pictures. You are all the cutest family ever. I baptized Pres at 9 months-it's hard. They just want down and to play! Sorry it was so hot but you looked great. God bless Liam!!!

Greene Family said...

Congratulations Liam on your Baptism!! What a special day! Love all of the beautiful family photos! I couldn't imagine baptizing either of my boys after they were mobile, so I can imagine the workout that Liam must have given you during the ceremony. Despite the heat, you all look so great! God Bless Liam!! Pretty cake too!