Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gettin' Wild at the ZOO!

Today we had a great time at the Bronx Zoo with the Granshaw family!  We were thrilled to finally meet Leslie, Eddie, Emma and Lyla in person, along with Leslie's sister, brother-in-law and niece!

It was hot, sticky, and rainy, but that didn't put a damper on the fun!  I have never been to the Bronx Zoo before, and I was just as excited as the kids!

There were amazing animal Lego displays throughout the zoo.  Seamus, the Lego-lover, was in heaven!

Grace and Emma quickly became BFFs

In the beautiful butterfly house

Grace had butterflies landing on her head!  I think they were attracted to her hairbow!

Seamus, Grace and Emma having fun in the reptile house

A Lego gorilla

Group photo!

Saying hello to a peacock

The birthday buddies!  Liam and Lyla's birthdays are just 1 day apart

The kids had so much fun together and the adults had a great time chatting.  They are a wonderful family and we were so glad to meet them in person!
Such a fun day...the zoo is so big that we couldn't even cover it all.  That just means we'll have to visit again!  Thank you Granshaws and Porcellis for a fantastic day!


Kerri said...

What an awesome day, thanks for the picture!

Greene Family said...

It looks like another fun adventure getting to meet up with another wonderful POLP family!! Great photos! It looks like the kids had a blast! Oh my - Simon and Jude would love those Lego animals too! Grace and Emma look so cute - can tell that they were quickly BFFs!
Hopefully, we can make it the next time you guys plan a meet up!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Emily......great pics! So happy we got to meet you guys. We had a very fun day! Sorry again that we had to leave a little earlier then we wanted. Katie had enough as u can tell from my pics! LOL

Kim said...

Great pictures! Love that you guys got together and thank you for waving to Bronxville for me. Miss it so much! Those lego animals are so cool. Pres hasn't been to that zoo since he was about 18 months. Also just caught up with the track post. I love that Grace is all dressed up-you'll have to take her to the Derby one day and buy her a big hat! Liam is adorable and I want to eat him up and Seamus, loving the new hair style, parted and to the side. So super handsome. The pic of him on the fence is just too much!