Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a Girl Thing

While pregnant with Seamus, I was convinced I was carrying a girl. We had decided not to find out what we were having, but deep down I felt that I just knew. I'm one of three sisters and we grew up in a sparkly pink Barbie-and-Cabbage Patch Kids world, filled with fancy hairbows and ruffled socks...so I honestly couldn't picture myself raising anything but a daughter.

When our perinatalogist slipped at 37 weeks and told us we were having a boy, I was shocked...and then thrilled. I immediately went out and bought some adorable boy clothes and couldn't wait to have Mommy's "little man." Raising a boy is so much fun, in fact, that when I became pregnant for the second time, I was really hoping for another boy! Devon seems to have a sixth sense about these things though, and he referred to Baby #2 as "Seamus' sister" right from the start. It was confirmed at 16 weeks that we were having a girl...and what a girl she is!

My Grace, or Gigi as she is usually called, is a true girly girl. She loves baby dolls, jewelry, brushing her hair, pretend makeup, and dressing up. Every morning she wants me to open her closet so she can "put pitty dress on" and then pick out a matching "pitty bow."

When playing on her own, you can usually find her like this...

Or like this....

Or even like this! (That's her brother's swim trunks and a baby doll hat.)

She is so sweet and funny, so bold and determined, loves to say "no" and loves to give hugs and kisses. She wakes up every morning singing a different song in her crib, her favorites are the ABCs, the Barney song and the "Issy Bissy Spider." She knows the alphabet and can count to ten, she recognizes emotions and becomes sad when Dumbo is separated from his mommy. She has the most wonderful manners, says please and thank you with no prompting whatsoever. She eats like a pig and is always asking "I try that?" when someone else has food. She loves her brother fiercely and wants to do everything that he does. We can always hear her calling "Seamus, where are you?" in a loud, singsong voice. He is so good and patient with her (most of the time!), even when she is bugging the heck out of him.

One of her favorites games to play is Sleepy Baby, where she spontaneously will close her eyes and pretend to snore, and we gush over the tired, sleepy baby. She especially loves to do this when she is all wrapped up warm and snuggly after her bath.

She is a good little mommy, carries her babies in a sling and feeds them their bottles.

She's a rock-n-roll girl, here she is getting down with a local band at a festival.

Although she can make me crazy, my daughter has me wrapped right around her finger. I always say I'm so afraid for her to grow up, because I know she's going to be a wild one! I have definitely noticed the difference between raising boys and girls, and this fairy princess girl is going to give us a run for our money.

Lucky for me, she says "I wuv you, Mommy" and gives me kisses about a dozen times a day...I'll have to keep that in mind when in 12 years she's telling me how lame I am :-\


Katie said...

She sounds like an AMAZING little girl! I deep down wanted a girl so bad when I was pregnant and then when the doctor announced boy I have to admit I was a little hurt, but after I got over that I am IN LOVE with having a BOY! Maybe for the next baby I will get my dream of having a girl, but I think I'm destined for all boys :)

Mike said...

How cute :-) When we were expecting Caitlin Cherylle was convinced she was having another boy, but all along I was hoping for a girl to balance things out. Yay for little girls! Now, here's hoping daddy won't be too wrapped around her little fingers...

Anonymous said...

awww...I love my little gigi-fer!!!
-Aunt chacha

Kim said...

I am so happy to know Gigi personally and I just am in love with her as much as I am in love with Seamus. She is such a girl. Of course I love when it's her birthday and I can buy girl clothes-the frillier the better!
But I do agree-you will probably be considered lame when she is a teenager, but just look how close we are with our moms!

Caden and Mommy said...

What a precious post! She is adorable!