Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ok, I've done it. I'm finally blogging. Is blogging even cool anymore?? It better be. I think my biggest problem was getting started...I guess I felt the need to tell my entire life story in the first post. But then I'd have nothing left to blog about! I'm going to start this out by introducing my family.

I'm Emily. Age 27. Wife, mother, daughter, sister, nurse, and now IT specialist (yikes!) I'm married to my awesome husband, Devon. He is an elementary school teacher and also has his own construction & landscaping business. I know they say it happens in the movies, but when I met Devon (we worked a summer job together in college) it was literally love at first sight. We became immediately inseparable, engaged after two years of dating, and married nine months later. Nine months after that, we found out that we were to become a family of three.

Our son Seamus John was born July 5th, 2005. My youngest sister had a classmate named Seamus, and ever since I was 8 years old I have always loved the name. It's a nod to my Irish heritage, and John is after my father (Poppy). However the poor kid is now tortured for life with a mouthful of a name like Seamus Camenga (just try to pronounce's not what you think!) Seamus was born with a condition called achondroplasia, which is the most common type of dwarfism.

Our little clan is rounded out by our daughter, Grace Maureen, born January 22, 2007. She is named after two very beautiful people, my grandmother Grace who passed away in Nov '04, and my Aunt Maureen, who is also my godmother.

I'm very excited to share some of our life with you. My kids offer up a daily dose of hilarity, which I try to document because I know I'll never remember every little funny thing that they say. The story of our son's birth is a long one, one that I'll probably post another time. His diagnosis, and parenthood in general, has taken us on an incredible family journey, with some tears, anxiety and fear....but overwhelmingly full of love, laughter and support. So many beautiful friendships have formed, lessons learned and blessings counted. And the journey has but hardly begun!


Jaime said...

YEAH Emily! Glad that you have joined our blogging family! Looking forward to more posts and of course pictures! We all LOVE to see pictures! Welcome!

Mike said...

Woot! Welcome! I understand the desire to post too much at once - that's one of the reasons I'm two weeks behind right now on mine! LOL

Katie said...

Emily! I had no idea that you started a blog! I just noticed it on somebodies blog and thought..."oh a new LP blog yaa" Welcome to our "family"!

Caden and Mommy said...

Welcome to the blog world! I remember seeing Seamus on Kim's blog. I absolutely love the picture of him and Preston with Thomas the Train. It is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily! I saw that you started a BLOG from your status on Facebook. I'm very excited for you! This will be a perfect way to keep track of your adorable children's progress through life. It'll be a lot of fun writing it all down and sharing it with us. I look forward to all your posts! :-)