Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vacation Time!

Finally on our way!  Heading out of Troy and ready for adventure.

We headed to NJ and spent the night before driving to Virginia the next day.  We were lucky to meet up with the Greene family!  Jenn, Jason, Simon and Jude joined us for some fun at Maymont Park.
A little pre-park picnic and ball playing!

We had a little...ahem...disagreement about who got to hold Simon's hand all day!

Having fun with the river otter!  I think this was the hardest they laughed all day!
After Maymont, we had some yummy pizza in Richmond and said farewell to our friends.  Thanks Greene family, for a great  day together!

Then it was on to Kim and Preston's house for a sleepover!

These kiddos were super goofy and had a great time playing together!
Devon was lying on the floor trying to put together a Lego car and apparently the kids thought he would make a great bucking bronco!

The boys and their trucks

We had so much fun visiting!  Thank you, Kim and Pres!

After what seemed like an eternity in the car, we have finally arrived at Myrtle Beach!  Looking forward  to a great week of fun and sun!


The Johnson Family 4 said...

How fun! So jealous you guys get to hang out with so many fun families!

Kerri said...

Looks like a full on party!! Love the pictures!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

So much fun! With all those stops you certainly went on an adventure! So happy u met up with the Greenes and Raabs. Have fun in Myrtle Beach! Xoxo

Greene Family said...

It was SO great to see you guys!! We always have the best time hanging out with you guys (even with a heat wave)! You got great photos - love the one of our kiddos with the river otter - makes me laugh just thinking about how much they were laughing!
It looks like you guys had a wonderful visit with Kim and Preston too! Love all of the goofy pictures of the kids having so much fun together - such great smiles!!
Yay for making it to the beach! Have a blast this week!! Hope to see you guys again soon!!

Melisa said...

Love the pics. Liam is so big...can't believe it! If Aidan were there he would be right there with the boys playing with the cars! Can't wait to see what more fun pictures you get at Myrtle Beach.

Kim said...

We were so excited to have you guys over. It was great to have all the kids together and how well they get along. It was so great seeing you and Dev and catching up. I miss you tons. Maybe next year we will join the excursion for a few days. I also cuaght up on your last posts. I cannot believe Seamus is six! Really where has the time gone? Hope you guys had a blast on your trip!

Caden and Mommy said...

FUN! ... and as I said in Kim's post Devon gets Dad of the year :0) with all those monkeys jumpin on him!