Wednesday, February 3, 2010


 Mommy, I told you, I don’t LIKE grilled cheese sandwiches!  If you make me eat this grilled cheese sandwich, I am going to get sick.


Maybe if I close my eyes and wish really hard, this grilled cheese sandwich will turn into a chocolate cupcake!


Oooh, I can see it!  Big and chocolately, with lots of frosting…and sprinkles!!


I’m going to open my eyes now…I can’t wait to eat that cupcake!!


Sigh.  Mom.  I am NOT going to eat this grilled cheese sandwich.


When you have cupcakes, we’ll talk.



Melisa said...

Hysterical! An appetite just like Aidan although he does like grilled cheese sandwiches! With that face I hope he got his cupcake!!!

Caden and Mommy said...

... sooooo .... did he ever eat the sandwich? Too cute! I swear Caden's likes and disklikes change weekly!

Jaime said...

Caty is right there with Seamus; she won't touch a grilled cheese. Although an uncooked one is fine. I also want to know about the cupcake. With a face like that, he'd be hard to turn down.

Jen Weisser said...

He eats at my house! lol! Maybe he's onto something w/ his diet of yogurt, applesauce, bannanas, string cheese & goldfish! Maybe he knows something we dont! lol!

Jane said...

Too cute!!

Kasia and Amelia said...

What a nice photo story! grilled cheese sandwich ? Hmm that sounds yummy! I wish I could have that...

Kim said...

Dear Seamus:
Mommy told me you don't like grilled cheese. Dude! I'm shocked! Really? Have you tried them? They are pretty awesome. I mean I live on the things. I hear pizza may not be on your list either. I'm telling you man you are missing out. These are awesome things in life dude. I mean when we get older we are going to get pizza, wings and beer. I hear that we have to wait many years before the beer though.
Just try it man. I promise. I am not steering you wrong.
BTW-can't wait to chill in Nashville.
Your bud-

Greene Family said...

Too cute!! I just love his expressions and want to hug him! Chocolate cupcakes do sound very yummy right now! :)