Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I know it’s out there somewhere…spring.  I can feel it trying to break through between our scattered flurries and 30-degree temps.  I had to laugh the other day as I left for work before sunrise and heard the spring birds chirping happily in the trees as heavy, wet snow fell all around me. 

We did have a single day of sunshine and we made a break for it!

Seamus went immediately for his golf bag and had a blast whacking balls up onto our roof.


Poor Grace was stuck riding last year’s bike, as her new one is still being stored at Nanny and Poppy’s.   It seems as though Grace has grown out of her clothes practically overnight!  Thank goodness for the school uniform is all I can say!  I really hope warm weather is here soon, and I can hang her summer clothes in the closet and maybe we can pass off some of those too-short jeans as capris!



Even though both kiddos have been desperate to get outside and play, they still manage to have a lot of fun while cooped up in the house. I left them alone for a little while to do some laundry, and when I came back, I found that they had created their own mini-golf course! (Grace, as always, was dressed to the nines for the occasion!)


There were obstacles to hit your ball over and a tunnel for it to roll through.  I love the way their minds work!  I didn’t even mind that they totally demolished their room to build this!  Wow, this cabin fever must really be getting to me!


Jaime said...

I love Spring too! And I love your kiddos!! Their mini golf course is awesome. Caty would have loved to join in.

I hear ya on outgrowing things - both girls are running out of clothes!

Melisa said...

I have a boat load of girls 7/8 clothes I just cleared out making room for for Ashleigh's size 9/10's. Crazy how quickly they grow! Beautiful golf course! Hope it warms up for ya soon. It's looking like spring out here!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Emily Seamus is so handsome I can't even take it! He looks like such a stud in that first pic. All the single ladies better watch out! The kids look so happy to be outside in the nice weather.....Finally!!!

Caden and Mommy said...

Dan is going to LOVE those golf pics of Seamus when I show him. He cant wait for Caden to show a real interst in golf :0)

Grace is so cute on that trike, she does look so big on it! I hear you on wanting warm weather. It has been a much cooler then usual spring so far and I'm not digging it!

Seamus and Grace ... and Liam (when he's a lil older) are SO lucky to have eachother. I love the golf course they made and how funny that Grace dresses up for the occastion :0)

Greene Family said...

Hope spring fully arrives there soon! See - another reason to move to Maryland!! :)
Love the pics of your cuties! It's so exciting to see how big of a sports enthusiast that Seamus is, and what a swing! Hopefully, Grace can ride her new bike soon! She's looking so grown up lately! She cracks me up - always dressed to the nines no matter what the occasion!
They built an awesome mini-golf course - very impressive! I love watching Simon and Jude build things . . . amazes me at some of the things that they can create!