Thursday, March 24, 2011


Oh, my littlest man…how has half a year gone by so quickly?


You are such a sweet love…you get so happy to see your brother and sister walk in the door…you give the biggest grins and giggles and it makes us so happy to see your excitement!


You have learned to roll front and back.  Still not sitting up yet, but…


Your very first tooth has popped through!  You are getting so big!


Happy Six Months, Liam!  We love you so much!


Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Yeah 6 months! How awesome! So cool that his first tooth came in! Going to the regional tomorrow. Wish u guys were going too. Hopefully we meet real soon! Xoxo

Kim said...

Six months! Can I tell you I saw your title and thought-six? As in six people in their family? But then I remembered you telling me you had your wine ready for Grey's last night! LOLOLOLOL!!! Liam is by far the cutest thing. Those legs are so biteable!

Katie Jaye said...

I feel like I just commented on the Five BLOG the other day! He is such a beautiful baby! I'm also glad he didn't eat your number this time. :-)

Jen Weisser said...

Love him!!! He is just so darn squishy!!!! I greatly enjoyed getting to squish him up last wknd!

Carolyn said...

This little man is so adorable!

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Caden and Mommy said...

Kim is funny! ... 1/2 a year. Wow Liam you are growing up too fast! I'm glad to see this Liam post considering the prior two posts had Liam MIA :0)
I'm sad we wont see you in Anaheim this year :0( ... but I get it. It would probably cost a fortune to fly a family of 5 down there.

Greene Family said...

Happy 6 months Liam!! You look like the most huggable cutie pie! First tooth . . . seriously, you are growing up too fast! I bet your brother and sister are so happy to see you when they walk in the door too! :)
I meant to mention on your last post . . . love the pic of Seamus climbing into Liam's travel bed with him and them waking you up with their giggles! So sweet!