Sunday, January 9, 2011

LPA Holiday Party

This weekend we got to hang on to just little more Christmas while celebrating at our LPA chapter’s holiday party!  Our chapter, the Mohawk Valley chapter, was re-formed just a few months ago.  I had to miss the first couple of events due to being in the hospital with Liam, so I was very excited to meet some of our members for the first time.  We had a great time chatting, eating and getting to know each other, while the kids had a blast just chasing each other around!  We are so lucky to have such friendly, kind families to connect with in our area.  A few families were unable to make it (Weissers, we missed you!) but we know we’ll catch up with them at future events.

The big surprise of the evening was a special visitor from the North Pole – Santa!  The kids couldn’t believe that he came all the way back to New York after Christmas just to see them!

Seamus discussed the finer points of Star Wars Legos with Santa…


and Grace had to tell him ALL about the Littlest Pet Shop (poor Santa, he was really getting an earful from her…he had a look on his face that said, “Save me!”)


All the kids got a gift from Santa.  Here’s Liam receiving his cute new rattle!


Our family!047  Wish I could share some more photos!  Next time, I’ll hopefully remember to get permission from the other families to share them on the blog here.

We’re so excited to have a new LPA chapter practically in our backyard!  We look forward to many more fun events with this great group of people!



Katie Jaye said...

That is a great looking Santa!

I think it is so awesome that the LPA has gatherings like this. I feel so blessed that I have become friends with you and all the other families through my sister and Preston. I enjoy all these entries you share with us and the pictures always bring a smile to my face!

Jaime said...

How fun to extend the Christmas celebration!! I love Santa's big belt buckle. I'm so happy that your chapter is back up and having events - it's so important for our kids to have these special friendships. Which brings me to say that I'm so thankful that you are in our lives, even if it's from clear across the country!

Greene Family said...

I had the same thought - that is a great looking Santa! How fun to have an LPA Christmas party in January! So happy that you have so many wonderful families nearby in your newly re-formed chapter!
Seamus and Grace are too cute telling Santa all about their Star Wars Legos and the Littlest Pet Shop! Beautiful pictures!!

Caden and Mommy said...

Oh Emily ... I don't know how or when I got so far behind on your blog :0( It looks like you all had a marvelous Christmas! The kids are so adorable in the Christmas play. How special that Liam was the "star" :0)
I love the little reindeer pic of Liam, priceless!
Seamus's enthusiasm in the picture of the helmet is so cute ... and I love Grace giving Santa an earful at the LPA event. Grace always looks so "angelic" ... does she every get angry?
We had talked about doing our Local chapter's (well 3 hrs away)Christmas party after Christmas. I think that is a great idea, since we are all so busy before the holiday.
Happy New Year! Hugs ~ Trisha

Jen Weisser said...

Still so sad that we had to miss it!! **sniff**sniff**
I cant believe that the real Santa showed up & not one of his cheesy looking "helpers"!
Love the B&W pic of Liam w/ Santa!!
Had to chuckle about Trisha's comment about Grace! If people only knew how BOLD she could be!! LOL! Love that lil girl!!
Hopefully we can get together very soon!

Kim said...

Ok loving that Santa has a big belt that says Santa, just in case you may have forgotten. But he was a very realistic one! Love all the pictures and love Seamus' shoes btw (didn't think I would miss that). What a darling black and white photo of Liam. Just want to love on him. I love the family picture. You look so much like your mom. Which is a compliment because your mom is one hot mama! Glad your chapter is so active. Miss you guys so much!