Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Fun!

What a wonderful Christmas we had!  It’s my absolute favorite time of year, and I’m always a little sad when it’s over.  Luckily, we get to celebrate another Christmas with Devon’s family this weekend – can’t wait!

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated like we always do – going to church, followed by a yummy meal and gift exchange with my parents and sisters.  We also stop by at a party hosted by family friends and stay up way too late, and have to rush home to get in bed before Santa comes!015 024

My little reindeer!


After everyone was tucked in bed, Santa came!


My parents used to torture us on Christmas morning by making us wait on the stairs while they turned on Christmas music, set up the video camera, etc., all the while shrieking about how many presents were under the tree.  Yep, as much as I hated that, I’m doing the exact same thing to our kids!


Seamus’ only request from Santa this year was a set of Star Wars Legos.  The kid has never even seen Star Wars, so I’m not sure where he got this idea from…but he was thrilled when he saw that Santa came through!


The number one item on Grace’s wish list was a Barbie pool…she was so excited!

006 011


Santa brought Liam a stocking full of Weebles…as you can see, he was ecstatic.


Annual Christmas morning pajama picture!


Favorites of the day…Seamus received an Eagles jersey ad football helmet…his favorite team!


Grace got a big-girl princess bike – complete with a baby seat on the back so she can take her dolls for a ride!  She loved it!


We had a rockin’ Christmas, hope you all did too!



Anonymous said...

That picture of seamus in the jersey is awesome!

how many years in a row are you gonna rock those green pajamas?


Anonymous said...

oh and another...devons red sacred heart sweatshirt doesn't constitute as christmas pajamas

Kim said...

Seamus is killing me with his choice of teams. First the Red Sox and now the Eagles? Put a stake in my heart!
Ok when sis you do up the new mantle and fab tv? LOVE IT! (Isn't it funny that's what i took away from your tree picture)? As usual it appears the kids had a fantastic Christmas! I am laughing because my parents used to do the same thing! Check for Santa (i.e. dad setting up the huge video camera) and mom puttin gon the music and getting milk and donuts. All four of us going nuts on the stairs! The kids look adorable in every picture as always!!! XOXO Happy New Year!

Kasia and Amelia said...

What a great post! I am just catching up with blogging. Looks like wonderful Christmas, I love the presents, kids had a blast! What a precious family pictures of the kids ( I love the one with Santa from the previous post too!) Happy New Year to all the sweet family!

Katie Jaye said...

I love both of the family photos! And the one of Seamus in the football jersey is fantastic! It looks like Santa got them all some pretty cool gifts.

And it looks like Love Actually was taking place while Santa set up?

Greene Family said...

Love your family pictures on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning! Oh my - what an adorable reindeer!
I'm cracking up because there are several things I now do with our kids that my parents did and I said I would never do. :)
It looks like your kiddos had a blast Christmas morning and got fun presents! That picture of Seamus in his Eagle jersey is too much - can just hear his excitement! Cute bike, Grace! Jude got Weebles for Christmas too and loves them!

Jen Weisser said...

The shear excitement on Seamus' face is totally killing me!
Love that you take an annual pj pic! so fun!