Thursday, December 23, 2010


Liam, you are three months old now!


You are verbalizing so much more…lots of squeals, sighing, oohs and and ahhhs!  You have the biggest, happiest grin, especially when your brother and sister play with you!


You LOVE your bath.  When we bring you into the bathroom and start the water running, you get excited because you know it’s tubby time!  You would be content to hang out in there all evening.


Still a good sleeper!  You go down at 9:30 pm and Mommy wakes you to feed you at 5:30 am before leaving for work.  You are doing wonderful at your babysitter’s house and she spoils you by carrying you around most of the day!


Soooo very close to rolling over!  Becoming a baldy! Starting to grab at toys and reach out for our faces.

Love you so much, our littlest man!


misha0529 said...

Oh, he's so big already!! Every time I see him, I think he can't get any cuter, but he keeps proving me wrong!

Jen Weisser said...

<3 love love love that little cutie!! <3 cant wait to squish him up!

Greene Family said...

I'm in love with your littlest man! Goodness, he is such an adorable baby and always looks so happy!! We need to plan a get together so that I can hug him in person!
Happy 3 months Liam! We need a video to hearing your squeals and oohhhs and aahhhs! :)