Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Got Nothin’

So please enjoy this random assortment of kooky photos to tide you over until I have something more interesting to blog about!

Future Olympic gymnast


She is poised to tackle me here – two seconds later I was flat on my back!


Umm…not quite sure what this is all about.


Having a slumber party (they’re sleeping in their pillowcases)


Do I usually let my children run around with Ring Pops in their mouths?

Apparently I do.  I’ll work on that.


Could he possibly be prouder at accomplishing this feat??? 



Lisa said...

Great pictures! Looks like soo much fun!!

Destini said...

Love all of them! Maybe you could sew some matchbox cars to Devon's PJ pants, that's a great look...lol! Glad to see Trace isn't the only one doing headstands/attempted rolls - I've got myself convinced he is going to break is neck/spine from all the achon no-nos...although it's really the only one I try to enforce.

Melisa said...

Seamus and Aidan act so much alike. I probably have one of Aidan doing the same pose of "not sure what this is all about".

Kim said...

Got to love the flexibility. Totally laughing at your comment about running with a lollipop in the mouth. Hilarious. I just LOVE the picture of Seamus lining all the cars up on Devon. That is priceless. Preston will also love Devon's pants with action heros all over them. I think the pillow case slumber party looks cool. I wish I was still able to fit in my pillowcase! Cute pics as always!

Greene Family said...

So cute! I love the picture of Grace poised to tackle you and the one of Seamus lining all of his cars up on Devon! It looks like they had fun with their slumber party with pillowcases!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Parker loves to line up his car too. And using a pillowcase for a sleeping bag is adorable!

I don't think I mentioned it yet, but congratulations on the new one on the way! Hope to see you all soon at Dutch Wonderland.

Jen Weisser said...

Have you been letting Seamus watch Beavis & Butthead?! LOL!!
Love the pj pants Dev!

Melissa Swartley said...

LOL! I love Jen's comment! What adorable monkeys you have! Holy moley! Looks like Seamus has as many matchbox cars as we have Littlest Pet Shop Pets!