Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting Out

Spring weather has arrived!  Seamus and Grace couldn’t be happier.  They would spend every minute outside if they could.

Seamus got to break out some of his sports gear and start warming up his pitching arm for t-ball, which starts in just few weeks!




The kid is a sports maniac.  Thank goodness he doesn’t take after me…I tend to injure myself quite easily when I’m around sports equipment.  Or when I’m outside, for that matter.  Devon kindly refers to me as an “indoor girl.”  I won’t argue with that!

Grace had fun being sassy for the camera!




The fresh air and sunshine sure does feel good.  It’s reminding us that summer…and Nashville…is not far away!  Hope you all have been enjoying the early spring days!


Destini said...

Yay for warmer weather...although I refer to this transition as "mud season"...Tay is super excited for Tball to start as well, this is her second year! Grace is such a cutie - glad she didn't get her noggin stuck in the railing!

Caden and Mommy said...

Emily ... I'm an indoor girl too ;0) Seamus looks like he has quite the arm on him :0) So cute.
And Miss Grace - ADORABLE, her shoes are so cute! Hopefully Caden will decide to be more social in Nashville this year!
Yeah for Spring!

Kim said...

Seamus has an arm already. We have to get him ready for training with the Yankees. Then he can get us all seats behind the dugout. So go Seamus. (I also love his windbreaker-where did you get it)?
Grace is as cute as ever. She has the most adorable smile. Hope you are feeling well. Our weather finally is right where it should be in the seventies! Whoo hoo!

Greene Family said...

Yay for spring weather! Seamus looks like he has quite an arm! Grace is adorable as can be! She is such a doll!
I hope you are still feeling well! Can't wait for Nashville!