Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sleep Study Success!

A few days ago, Devon joked that the title of this post would be something along he lines of "I'd Rather Be Eating Dirt." We both were dreading Seamus' upcoming sleep study, knowing the process all too well from our other LP friends who have gone though it.

I made Devon be the one to take him.
And it's a good thing, because if I walked in to the room and saw this contraption, I would have thought, Oh holy hell, what have we gotten into???

But let me tell you what an awesome kid we have. Before the appointment, we told him that he and Daddy were going to have a special sleepover at the doctor's office. We said that they were going to put sticky things all over his head, and that Daddy was going to take his picture because he was going to look so silly.

And you know what? He let them do it!
He sat there perfectly still while they hooked him up and watched Monsters, Inc. And when it was time to go to sleep...he did! And slept 8 straight hours!

Woo hoo! I don't think I'd be able to sleep 8 straight minutes if I looked like this!

Results in three weeks!

Seamus is not the only one to surprise us this week...some of you may have heard that Grace hit her head on Monday and lost consciousness. At the ER, they told us she would need a CT scan.

But don't worry, they sedation is necessary. We'll just restrain her.

Of course, I'm thinking what any good mother would think...PLEASE SEDATE HER!! I've seen what restrained kids look like, and it's not pretty.

But Grace rocked it...she laid right down on the table, let them strap her entire body in sheets of Velcro, and remained perfectly still staring at a Nemo sticker that I was anxiously bouncing through the air on my finger. The scan came back just fine, and she's told everyone who asks, "I got a boo-boo and dey tooka pit-cher uh ma head."

I don't know how it happened...I thought I still had a few years before my kids became braver than me! Have your kids surprised you in ways like this?


Alex said...

What a brave little boy you have!!!
Great job Seamus!!
Anaïs' next sleep study is scheduled for March 20th, we'll see how that goes...
I am glad Grace is ok. :)

Tonya said...

What a big boy Seamus was!! Sleep studies are not fun!

And, no, my kid's a whimpy kid's. They cry at everything...they cry when Knoah's a mess!

Jillsblog said...

We have never gone the route of Sleep studies...but I can explain that to you later:) JD is the same as Seamus, do whatever the dr's ask...maybe they are used to it? sad enough? Hope Grace is good and Seamus looks fabulous as always!!!

Danielle said...

so awesome! that's great that he did so wonderfully! you have a big brave boy on your hands :)

Mike said...

What a great job! I truly hope that the next time Caitlin goes through that she's old enough that I can use the same explanation for her - the only reason our first sleep study went so smoothly was because we wore her out that day and didn't let her nap (except for a little 15min power nap in the early afternoon) so she crashed right out. She still fought the wires with every bit of energy she had - especially the breath sensor taped between her nose and her mouth! Glad Grace was okay as well!

Melisa said...

2 amazing kids. I didn't know about Grace's fall. Glad to hear she is OK. Aidan did just fine for both of his sleep studies that he had which I am thankful for. I will be looking for your follow up post on the results.

The Weisser family said...

Great job Seamus! I hope when the time comes for Ethan to have one that he does as well! He had his first dentist appt today & would only let them count his teeth! Refused the cleaning! Such a stinker! I dont think I could sleep w/ all that crap hooked to me! But Fred was able to do it. Oh he'll definatly will be the one going when Ethan gets one done!

Becky said...

Way to go Seamus! I would never be able to sleep with all that junk stuck on me! I couldn't even sleep when Olivia had all that junk stuck on her! Glad to hear that Gracie is alright! How scary that must have been for you! What tough little kiddos you have! Hoping the results from the sleep study are as good as Seamus was during it!

Kim said...

I think your story was a great idea. He thought that the electrodes were"cool" What a week you guys have been having-definitely never a dull moment with two kids! I hope Seamus' sleep study results come back a-ok. I know you and I have talked about tonsils a lot. Preston goes to the ENT next week to see if the adenoids or tonsils need to come out and if so it is off to Johns Hopkins.
Tell Seamus he was a brave boy and Grace-what a trooper!

Melissa Swartley said...

Wow! You have the two bravest little cutie pies ever! That's awesome that Seamus slept for 8 straight hours and didn't put up a stink about all the wires! I hope your results come back good! Wow, I'm glad to hear Grace's noggin is ok! That must have been quite a bump! Hugs from our family to yours!

mejane said...

Wow! How scary that Grace lost consciousness! I know it's over and she's o.k. (whew) but my heart pounded when I read that.
Sweet Seamus. What you've been through this week, I'm glad they were troopers for you.

Greene Family said...

You do have awesome kids!! Way to, Seamus! He's such a cutie! I would not be able to sleep with all of those wires stuck on me. I hope you get good results back.
I'm glad to hear that Grace is ok! That must have been so scary. She's such a big girl letting them velcro her down to take a picture of her head.

Mandy said...

Wow you have some brave kids! Way to go Seamus and Grace!

Both of my kids are wimps. Andrea would have flipped because it is sticky. Mike does not have a very high pain tolerance.

Caden and Mommy said...

First off - Devon ROCKS! There is NO way Dan would EVER go to a sleep study with Caden, RRR!!! Seamus is such a CHAMP to sit there with all that crap on him! I am still amazed that our kiddos can sleep with all of that on them! I hope the results come back okay!
I'm glad Grace held still and is okay! - kids are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Seamus is such a good boy! My God those wires are INSANE! I can't believe he seemed so whatev about the whole thing. The way you explained it to him sounded perfect; special guy hang out time!

I'm glad everything turned out okay with Grace and I'm impressed with her patience too. When I was three they had to restrain me as they put stitches in my head and I remember screaming for mom and dad and they just stood in the doorway. Must have been hard for them. And this past week must have been hard on you too. You're a strong mama!