Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Christmas

Finally getting around to posting about our Christmas!  We had an amazing holiday.  The kids have been absolutely giddy with excitement through the entire month of December, and it was wonderful to see the magic through their eyes. 


Making gingerbread cookies for Santa was high on the agenda.003

Christmas Eve mass – Seamus was asked by our church to bring the gift up to the priest to present to baby Jesus.  I only got this one pic, but the cuteness was almost too much for me.  He was so proud, and looked so handsome in his little suit!


Leaving out Santa’s cookies before bed, and pretty much bursting with excitement at this point!


Santa came!  Look at how nicely he piled the gifts under the tree!  But there was one gift that he couldn’t seem to squeeze in there…


You guessed it!  A six-foot-long pirate ship.  This thing definitely did not look this big on the box!


Grace was thrilled with all of her new baby doll things…


And Seamus’ excitement is evident as he opens a gift to discover Buzz Lightyear!  As soon as he saw him, he shouted, “This is my favorite toy EVER!” 


Two extremely happy campers on an awesome Christmas morning.


Then it was off to Nanny and Poppy’s for more of Santa’s surprises…

A drum set!

053Princess Presto and Super Why capes!

056 057

Baby doll carrier and Spiderman costume!


So many great new toys!

Which of course, then caused Mommy and Daddy to start hyperventilating about where on earth we were going to put everything…but never fear, Ikea to the rescue!

IMGP0126 IMGP0128

You wouldn’t believe how much stuff these things hold!

I’m in love with them.  I’m weeping tears of joy just looking at them.  Ikea, we are eternally grateful.

Now, if they could only come up with a storage bin to hold a six-foot-long pirate ship…


Jen Weisser said...

Ok. . I LOVE the storage units!! Awesome!!So jealous! I've always wanted to stop to an Ikea when I see one while we are traveling! You know how much Fred enjoys shopping tho! So never get to go :0(. I'm having a hard time dealing w/ the major overload of toys here too!
Seamus' face opening Buzz just totally says it all! Thats the look of 1 happy lil boy! So cute! So the drums stayin at Nanny & Poppy's house? If so next time we are out maybe we should take the "band" on the road & give them a special concert! lol!

Caden and Mommy said...

Emily! The pirate ship ... really - 6ft?! You are tooo funny! Those bins from Ikea look neat! I'm looking for something to hold all of the Geo-Trak pieces, I might have to keep that in mind. Because, I too am hyperventilating trying to figure out where to put all of these TOYS!!!
The pictures of the kids are ADORABLE as always ... seriously, you can see Seamus' excitement oozing through in the Buzz opening! and Miss Grace always looks so Angelic! Fun memories!

Melisa said...

I am so impressed by your quick organization skills! The picture of the kids baking is too cute for words and the other photo of Seamus offering the gift to baby Jesus was just precious! Happy New Year!

Destini said...

Wow, major loot for your little pirates! I love IKEA as well, and need to make a trip up there for storage for Trace and a desk for Taylor! Trace was very excited to see Seamus got Woody and Buzz too!

Anthea said...

It looks like the kids had a blast. Hope it was fun for you too. I love those Ikea storage stations....bummer that I have to drive over 3 hours to get to one. Merry Christmas again and all the best for the New Year.

Kim said...

A six foot pirate ship! You are too nice. i wouldn't even buy my kid an exersaucer when he was little (not because of achon, but because I did not want it taking up room in the living room)! Your Christmas looked amazing. I love the Spidey costume. I hope Katie comes and reads this as Spidey is her favorite. I love the pic of you and the kiddos making cookies. And Gigi looks so cute in her chef's hat. (BTW message me on FB her current size).
I can only imagine the cuteness of Seamus walking up the aisle in church. IKEA is pretty awesome and those storage units are amazing! I am starting to need something to round up all the truck, matchbox cars, etc. Happy New Year!

Greene Family said...

Love the pictures! Seamus and Grace are so adorable!! I love how Grace even has a hat for baking! Seamus is one handsome boy taking the gift to the priest!
It looks like they had a wonderful Christmas morning! Seamus' excitement is too much and infectious! Grace looks like a happy little mommy with all of her baby doll stuff! Wow - 6 foot pirate ship! Simon would love a drum set, but I keep thinking we'll have to wait until we have a house with a basement! :)
Great storage units - Ikea is awesome! We have been looking at storage units for Simon's bedrooms.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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Melissa Swartley said...

Wow! Looks like the kids had a really nice Christmas! Holy smokes that's a giant pirate ship! I bet they are having a blast in it! Love the storage units! I go out the day after Christmas to gather storage supplies to corral all the new stuff, I didn't think to check Ikea... hmmmm... I might need more! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!