Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Wonderful Mother’s Day

This year I had the most wonderful Mother’s Day!  The weekend started out by celebrating with Grace at the Pre-K class Mother’s Day Pancake breakfast.  The moms were treated to a delicious breakfast and given handmade placemats and coupon books.  We also listened to a story together and the kids sang God Bless America.


I got the funniest little book from Grace, called “All About My Mom.”  I just had to show these pages because even though it was Mother’s Day, it’s clear that Daddy is a  favorite in our house! 

“My mom is great because she kisses Dad!”

“I love my mom because she married my dad.”


So you’re welcome Grace, for marrying and kissing your dad!

Every year for Mother’s Day, I always ask for some kind of plant or flowers for our house.  This year I got three beautiful planters full of kitchen herbs!  Basil, oregano, mint, rosemary and parsley…yum.


This year I really wanted to do something a little different, rather than the typical brunch.  We decided to take a short drive with my parents to Massachusetts to the Hancock Shaker Village, to see the baby animals exhibit.  (Halfway into our road trip, I realized something terrible…I had forgotten the camera.  And yes, I cried.  My mom saved the day by taking these pics with her phone.)

The village was so neat…all original Shaker buildings set on a beautiful farm. 


The kids got to experience so many animals…baby chicks, turkeys, ducks, lambs, pigs, cows…and they were all just running free around the farm! 


It was such a cool experience!


Seamus absolutely fell in love with the baby chicks.  He wanted to take one home so badly!


There is also a fun discovery center, where the kids could practice milking a pretend cow, watch bees in a hive, and dress up in Shaker clothes. 


We also got to watch a blacksmith making a wrought-iron wall hook, eat delicious ice cream at the on-site creamery, and take a ride on a pony!


It was the perfect day!  We can’t wait to go back next year and hopefully create a new Mother’s Day tradition!


Yiannakis Family said...

What a FUN day! The farm looks like such a great place and fun for everyone, especially with the animals running around freely. So glad your mom saved the day with her phone camera, I would not have wanted to miss all these great pictures!!

Katie Jaye said...

What a great mom you are! Your Mother's Day included a lot of fun activities for the kids (and for a camera phone those pictures came out great). I'm glad you got to experience something different for Mother's Day and who knows, next year you might find another cool place to explore. :)

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

What a cool place! All those animals were awesome! I loved how you could hold and interact with the animals. The best picture was the kids in the shaker clothes! SO ADORABLE!!!!!

Melisa said...

What a fun Mother's day you had. I love the book she made for you. Jealous of the herbs you got too! I may ask for something like that in the future too for Mother's day.

Kim said...

I'm laughing because I too would have been crying for forgetting the camera. What a cool farm! Preston would love a place like that. I am also laughing at your Mother's Day book. So cute. I also got planters for Mother's Day, but need desperately for my dad to help me plant some flowers in the front garden and I think I need another planter. You're a great mother and everyday is Mother's Day!!!

Greene Family said...

What a beautiful Mother's Day, and I hope it becomes a new Mother's Day tradition for you! You are an awesome mom with such beautiful kids!!
Ok, I couldn't stop laughing over Grace's book . . . she's too cute!! I'm sure it was a wonderful morning to share with her!
Love your herbs! I usually have those planted on our deck every year, but this year I opted not to with trying to sell the house . . . I ended up getting some seeds the other day though to put a couple of little herb pots in my kitchen window because I miss having them. :)
I definitely have been there with the crying over forgetting my camera, but yay for your mom saving the day with her phone camera! That farm looks so wonderful, and how fantastic that the animals are all running free and can be petted and held! Seamus looks with the baby chicks - so very sweet! Adorable picture of the three of them in the Shaker clothes!