Thursday, December 22, 2011

For Your Entertainment

This year, due to their grade levels, Seamus and Grace each sang in a separate Christmas concert for school.  This meant we got twice the entertainment (and twice the stress of keeping fidgety Baby Brother corralled in a church pew!)  Even thought we had no Baby Jesus like we did last year, the shows were just adorable!

My sweet girl was stuck in the back row so we didn’t have the best view of her, but she knew I was snapping away and she just kept singing her heart out!


Seamus’ class had some adorable dancing that went along with their songs.


And of course, Seamus loves any opportunity to ham it up for an audience!!


And my littlest…he’s not really a huge fan of sitting still.  So I brought along my secret weapon…not expecting him to tear through 3 lollipops in 10 minutes!!  Oh, how he keeps us on our toes :-)



Kerri said...

wow, they both looked like they loved it!! Yeah for singing!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

OMG Emily! I can't stand it! I love how ur kids "ham" it up! So adorable! Looks like a fabulous show. It's so nice to see kids perform. Oh and lollipops are my secret weapon too! Xoxo

Caden and Mommy said...

Lovin the kids Christmas performance attire. So cute!

I love the Seamus is such the entertainer! So funny!

...and that Liam ... tearing through lollipops. He does keep you busy, Momma!