Monday, January 30, 2012

Sick Day

What Liam learned on his sick day…



You wear your pajamas ALLLL day long, you can play in big brother and sister’s room and touch anything you want, and Mommy will let you carry around the entire bag of Teddy Grahams and not even get mad when you dump them on the floor 14 times.

So aside from being sick, sick days ROCK!


Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Sick days rule! Feel better soon Liam! :(

Kim said...

I am the biggest blog slacker poster in the world and I am Trying to get better. I just caught up on all your latest posts from the holidays on. I love love love the blankets for Seamus and Liam. Grace is the best princess in the entire world. I just love her to pieces. Did your mom do the cake again? Love it! Liam is the man. He is growing up way too fast. He is a man after my heart with honey Teddy Grahms. Yum. Hope he is feeling better. You look great in these pics-are you growing your hair long? Miss you guys lots!