Sunday, September 30, 2012

A “Little” Zumba!

Tonight we had the pleasure of kicking off Dwarfism Awareness month with an awesome Zumba fundraiser in Herkimer for our LPA chapter!  The Weisser family put together this fun event and we were so glad to be able to participate!

These crazy boys sure were glad to see each other again!  They were also thrilled that their friend Mackenzie was there to join them too!


Getting pumped up for Zumba with Hollie, the instructor!


Seamus and Ethan got to join Hollie up on stage to help teach the class!  The room was packed and they were loving it!  The instructors were awesome.


I even caught Liam putting the moves on the other Zumba instructor!!


Whew!  90 minutes of Zumba and these boys rocked it!


Of course, video was a necessity!  Here’s a taste of the action!

At the end of class, Hollie gave them the stage to freestyle – check out these moves!

Jen, thank you for all your hard work for this fantastic event!  We had a great time!


Jen Weisser said...

Thanks so much for making the trip out! I'm so glad Ethan & Seamus got to get up on stage! They were is their glory being the center of attention! I hope I can make this a yearly fundraiser!!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

OMG!!!!!!!! I am freaking out right now!!!! Seamus has all the moves!!!!! He is unbelieveable!!!! I always said there is nothing sexier then a man that can dance and Seamus can shake it!!!! You just wait all the girls are going to fight over him!!!!
Zumba is so much fun. I teach it at my local gym and I just love it!!!! Glad the event was a success!!! Seamus breakin out that split was the coolest thing I have seen in a very long time! Xoxo

Kerri said...

WOOT WOOT!! Loved those videos. Seamus had actual moves, he wasn't messing around. He's ready to go on tour!!!!! AWESOME!