Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Mini-Vacay

We have really come to look forward to our Memorial Day mini-vacation every year!  I call nine months in advance to get Seamus’ appointment at DuPont for that Thursday, then my mom and I and the kids spend the rest of the long weekend meeting up with friends and family!

First up, a super check-up with Dr. Bober and a night at the amazing Ronald McDonald House!


The next day, we met up with our wonderful friends, the Greene family, at the Delaware Children’s Museum!  This place was great!!


There’s my girl!  She was smiling away here, but I wasn’t able to capture one of those cute grins!


The kids all had a blast at the museum!  Despite a meltdown from Liam, we all loved it!!  We headed across the street for lunch and the kids were so well-behaved!


Getting ready to say goodbye!  Thank you for meeting up with us, Jenn, Simon, Jude and Lucy Mei!


After Delaware, we hopped in the car and drove to stay with my aunt and cousins in New Jersey.  While the weather wasn’t perfect, we still had so much fun!  They absolutely love the rides at the Ocean City boardwalk!


Liam was in his glory.  Here he was cheesing it up for the camera, then he wanted to know where his brother and sister were.  I pointed to another ride that they were riding on together.


Then he became so sad that he wasn’t on the “big kid” ride with them!  Saddest little sailor ever!


The next day, there was finally sunshine, so we headed to the beach!  It was windy and chilly, but these crazy kids didn’t care!


Liam was so proud to be flying his kite!


On the pier with Atlantic City in the background!


We had such a wonderful weekend!  Thank you Aunt Maureen for having us!

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Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Looks like a very fun Memorial Day Weekend! How nice that your mom got to join you!

Is your girl Lucy Mei an Achon? If so, the Greene family rocks! How awesome! I know they adopted Lucy which is so super special already but then if she was born with Achondroplasia well that takes it up a notch! Are they going to nationals? If so, I cannot wait to meet their beautiful new angel! Xoxo

July 2 we are doing the zoo trip. I forgot the days u will be in Washington DC but I hope you can join us! I am opening it up to all our blogging buddies and other POLP families as well. I will post it soon on my blog.