Friday, August 2, 2013

Dylan’s Ride

The Camenga Racing team was proud to be  a part of the second annual “Dylan’s Ride for Dwarfism Awareness!”  Hosted by the Sikes family of our local LPA chapter in honor of their son Dylan, it’s a day filled with fun, friends, and awesome local businesses all coming together for dwarfism awareness.

The Camenga Racing show car was on site for the fun!


Waiting for the bikes to roll in…


Here they come!!


Time to eat…awesome lunch provided by LT’s Grill!


Handing out dwarfism awareness information to the crowd.




Bye by bikes!  Thanks for everything!


Wrapping up the day with good friends and fro-yo!

photo (2)

Thanks Sikes family for another awesome event!

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Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Awesome pics with LPA friends!!!!

P.S I love Fro-yo!!!! Yummy

P.S.S - having a huge LPA party at my house on August 18th @ 1:00. I know u guys live far but would love to have you guys come. Korpai family was invited but not sure if they plan on attending. Maybe u guys can car pool!