Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Fun!

Our Christmas was just wonderful!  It was such an exciting Christmas season and we did so many fun things for Advent.

Christmas Eve, Seamus and Grace sang in the choir at the Children’s Mass and it was beautiful.  We had an amazing dinner at home with my parents, then went to a couple Christmas parties and saw some old friends.


Back at home, the kids opened their gifts to each other, we tracked Santa on NORAD and left out milk and cookies!  They were asleep in minutes!


After Santa came!


Christmas morning fun began at 7am!



It was so exciting!  So many wonderful surprises from Santa!



Annual Christmas morning pajama pic!


Nanny and Poppy arrived with their special gifts!


All the family together with Grampy in the afternoon, just before heading to Aunt Sue’s for Christmas dinner.


It was a wonderful and fun day spent with family! 

Then a few days later, it was time to head to Grandma and Grandpa Camenga’s house for a second Christmas! 

The cousins all have so much fun together!  They spent a great afternoon zooming down a hill!


Even the “big kids” got in on the fun!


The kids were so excited to meet their new baby cousin Dylan, born just a week before Christmas!


Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandchildren (can you spy the grumpy Liam hiding behind Grandma?)


Opening more gifts!



Singing Happy Birthday to Grandpa!


So much fun!  What a lucky family we are!

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Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Hey Emily!!!! Just catching up on ur blog....... Looks like you guys had a magnificent Xmas!!! I love all the pictures u posted showing your holiday fun and traditions!

I love the wrestling belt Seamus got and I love, love, love the vanity Grace got!

Your Grampy looks so so so happy being with his family..... Such a great pic of all of u!

I almost died when I spotted Liam behind Grandma..... So hysterical.... And he is a little dare devil going down the snowy hill!

Congrats on the new baby cousin in the family! What a very special Xmas gift!

I am so proud of the kids singing in the choir! What a special event to see and be a part of!

Happy new year my friend!

P.S. Ur Xmas card was beautiful!