Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey POLPs...

Today we received the results from Seamus' sleep study...and I need advice!

According to the report, he had only one episode of obstructive sleep apnea, lasting 10 seconds.
Great news!

But...he had 110 episodes of "transient arousals." What the heck!

His ENT (who is wonderful and we love him), says that his tonsils are definitely enlarged. His quality of sleep is not good, because he is waking himself up an average of 14 times per hour. The ENT believes that the sleep quality will improve if the tonsils are removed - but he is not pushing it on us. He said we can wait a while, use these results as a baseline and test again later this year.

What do you all think? Do any of you sleep study experts have some insight to this situation?

For your participation, you will now be rewarded with a video of the goofballs taking a pretend trip to McDonald's. Enjoy! And thanks for your help!


Alex said...

Ok, first of all I have to say that your kids are way too cute!!! I just love how Seamus was touching Grace's hair...too precious!
For the sleep study, I think that it's a decision you guys need to make, I wouldn't want to pretend that I know any better. All I can say is that I guess if he needs his tonsils out I would probably rather do it sooner than later.
Anaïs has a sleep study scheduled for next Friday in Salt Lake...I sure hope the results will be better this second time around since she had her spinal decompression surgery!

Melisa said...

I love the video. Your kids are so cute. Aidan had 2 sleep studies done. The first was done just after his first birthday. His second was done just after his 3rd birthday. The first was kind of more of a baseline. Aidan had mild apnea and his tonsils were never extremely large. His snoring was something else and when he had any kind of upper respiratory problem...there was no sleeping for him or me. It was a kind of watch and see kind of thing until I had a 911 situation with Aidan and his breathing last fall. Surgery was scheduled a few months later where they removed the adenoids and shaved down the tonsils. His adenoids were huge. It was the best thing for Aidan...his sleeping has improved significantly.

Melissa Swartley said...

I wish I had some advice for you on this. I think Sonya is one of the few kiddos that actualy got off scott free! She had her sleep study done this past summer and was given a clean bill of breathing health! She had no episodes or anything else to be concerned about. I'm thinking of repeating the test soon due to her change in diagnosis and her sleep habits have gotten worse... She's almost 14 months old and is still waking up 2-3 times a night. I'm sure some more experts will chime in and help you out on this and add to Alex and Melisa's thoughts. I absolutely love the video of the cuties taking a drive to McDonalds! Way too cute!!! :)

Jillsblog said...

JD had huge tonsils and ENORMOUS adenoids, but because of the risk of anethesia (stenosis) we took appts every 3 months to monitor his breathing (has been a great sleeper since 19 months old) Long story longer, we just had xrays and his adenoids have shrunk and he is doing great...the snoring is cut down huge!!!! Most nights, he doesn't snore once!

If you can hold off with out medical danger, I would say just increase your office visits to monitor clinical signs...does that make sense?

I hope that helps! :)

Kim said...

Hey Em-
I know we have talked baout this a lot. Preston just had an appt with the ENT. His tonsils are not considered big, but the adenoids I am sure are bigger. We will go back in 6 months to see if we should get x-rays. Right now I would like to hold off-he snores only occasionally when he first falls asleep and the apnea like epidodes are only heard rarely and if he is sleeping in the car. I have not been referred for asleep study yet but now I am thinking we should. I think Jill's advice is good-see in another three months and see what they say but you and Devon I know will make the right choice.
So I love the video of the kids, but I must ask-does Mr. Seamus actually eat anything from McDonald's other than yogurt? They are the cutest two kids together!

Katie said...

Since my speakers on my computer are not working for some reason I cannot partake in the Seamus cuteness...bummer! Cole had his T&A's removed at 8 months old. We never noticed any episodes, but after the surgery his episodes were gone. I say trust your instinct.

Bobbi said...

OH,I love the video!!! How cute!!! As for the tonsils, I can honestly say that I haven't been faced with it so far with Ellie. We've been so blessed with her health so far. My middle girl, Maddie, NEEDS her tonsils out and I am going to pursue this as soon as I get the insurance lingo lined out. I say, go with your gut...Good Luck!!!

Tonya said...

That is a great sleep study! Like everyone has said, if you can hold of a while longer, I would do it. He not stopping breathing but he's waking himself up several times every hour to re-breath. Monitor his breathing and if you notice the sounds of his breathing changing I would get him re-checked.

Cute video!! Your kid's are precious!

Destini said...

First - oh goodness, what a super cute video! I'm with Kim, does Seamus eat anything from McDonalds? Grace is just so adorable!
Second - I'd probably do the wait and see with the tonsils too. Trace had his adnoids out, and we go back to the ENT next week for the follow-up, with a sleep study scheduled for soon after, I'm sure. Maybe they could retest in 6 months or something?

Greene Family said...

Unfortunately, I don't have any advice for you since Simon has not had a sleep study yet and does not have big tonsils. Good luck with your decision though!
You have two of the cutest "goofballs" I have ever seen!! I love their pretend trip to McDonald's!

Mandy said...

First I love the video. Your kids are so cute.
As for the tonsil. Andrea had to have both her tonsils and adenoids taken out. Both of hers were huge. I did see a great improvement after they were removed.
I think you should what is best for your family. If they are eventually have to be taken out. I would rather do it sooner than later.

Katie said...

After I read your post, I went back and checked Julia's sleep study report. Granted she's never had any issues with her tonsils. BUT. Her study showed 138 transient arousals, or 18 per hour. (!!) 3 different doctors have reviewed her results and not one has indicated that this is an issue which needs to be addressed in her, surgically or otherwise. (Of course, now I want to go back and ask them about it again.) Have you asked Seamus' other doctors about this? Did you see Dr. Green at the sleep center? If so, what did he say?