Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Hibachi Adventure

Last week we went to dinner to celebrate Daddy's and Aunt Ashley's birthday.
We went to a Japanese hibachi, which is super fun because we don't have to wait long for the food and then we get entertained by a crazy chef with giant knives!

Did that guy really just crack an egg on my head? Whoa!

I see that you're cooking some rather interesting things there...salmon, shrimp,'s a good thing I brought along some Rice Krispies and banana in my Diego cooler bowl! They really didn't think I'd be putting any of THAT in my mouth, did they?

Chopsticks are great for so many things...poking my sister, waving like a wand, or turning myself into a triceratops at the the dinner table.

Mommy, I'll smile for this picture, but I gotta tell you...I don't trust that guy with the big hat one bit! Did you see that fire? And the way he squirted water at us?? I'm he gone yet?


Danielle said...

how adorable! I love the pictures...we've never brought the girls to hibachi. They'd love it but then would refuse to eat anything i bet. Looks like fun though!

Caden and Mommy said...

Those pictures are too funny! I love the kids expressions ... Seamus brought Rice Krispies ~ I love it!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE hibachi! Too funny that Seamus brought cereal instead of eating that delicious food!

Destini said...

Such appropriate timing - we went to the Shogun's for dinner Monday evening and I totally told John that I needed to bring the cameras along next time so that Trace and Taylor could show Seamus how good the food is and how they LOVE to eat it all up!

Kim said...

Emily your writing keeps me in stitches. When Preston went his reaction was much like GIgi's why is there fire inside and no one reacting? Run people run! I love how Seamus is with food. Don't worry I told you my brother Chris ate like three things and no he is the most adventurous eater and the best cook in the family. He like watches the Barefoot Contessa (and would probably kill me for telling you all that-but you outed yourself with your MJ parties so it was only right).
Seamus and Gigi are the cutest kids on the planet.

Tonya said...

What fun!! We've never been there, but I suspect the kid's wouldn't's not "kid friendly food". Look like great fun though if you ask me!!

So, did Seamus eat the Krispy treat for dinner or was that and appetizer?

Mike said...

It's chicken and rice! Totally kid friendly! LOL At least if your kids grow up in a half-Filipino house, it is! We totally love Teppan dinners... Evan loves the flaming onion volcano and keeps begging to go back far more often than budget allows...