Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day Out With Thomas

Today we ventured up to North Creek, NY to see our old friend, Thomas the Train!

Last year, Seamus got to meet Thomas with his buddy Preston...

And this year, we made the trip with Ethan and Collin!

Yes, tomorrow is June 1st and yet we were bundled up as if it were fall! The rain held off and the sun was shining, so despite the cold and wind we had a great visit to the Upper Hudson Railroad.

The happy passengers!

Checking out a real live fire truck...possibly future fire chiefs?

Seamus and Sir Topham Hatt!

Me, the kids, and my Island of Sodor namesake.

Percy tattoos! Yessss! And Seamus proudly informed us, "Mommy, I have a tattoo now just like you!" Gosh, do I love being such a stellar role model :-)

Seamus and Ethan having some bounce house fun.

All the kiddos!
After the train ride and checking out all the fun Thomas activities, we headed into Lake George Village, one of my favorite places, for some late lunch and more fun.
The kids had tons of fun taking a little dip into the very chilly lake!

What is it with kids and their ability to be completely insensitive to the cold? The water was waaaay too freezing for the grownups, but the goobers had a blast splashing around, chasing ducks, throwing rocks and watching the boats zooming by.

We ended the day in the most perfect way possible - eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream! (Totally canceled out the OTHER end to my day - a parking ticket! Blah!) Thanks for the great day, Weissers!


Melisa said...

Aidan is SOOOOO jealous! What a wonderful time the kiddos had!!

Alex said...

Hanging out with other LP families is the BEST!!!

Becky said...

How exciting for the kids to see a life size Thomas! The kids in the fire hats are too cute! Your beach pictures are great! I wish we had some LP families closer to hang out with!

Laura Wolf said...

Thomas is so much fun for the kids. I took Audrey a few years back and the kids(and her cousins)had a great time. They loved the train ride. The pictures captured some great family fun.

Lisa said...

Wow! What a great day. Looks like loads of fun. So wonderful you guys can all get together every once in awhile!

Destini said...

I don't think I can show Trace this post, although he loves to see what Seamus is up to! What a fun day and great pictures!

Caden and Mommy said...

I think the pictures of Seamus and Preston in front of Thomas are still some of my all time favorites! They are so cute together. Although Ethan and Seamus are pretty cute this year~ I love the ones of them with the fire truck - cuuuuttteee!
Thomas is coming to Washington the week after we get back from NY, so I haven't decided if we will make it to Thomas yet or not. Do you really have to buy the tickets in advance? does it sell out? or is that just a marketing ploy?
Looks like you guys had a great weekend!

Greene Family said...

What a fun day!! It's great that you guys can get together with the Weissers so often! Great pictures - you can tell that the kids had a blast! So much cuteness!!
I agree - the most perfect way to end a day - eating ice-cream!

Kim said...

We are so sad that we missed it-well Preston has no idea or he may have cried, but I am sad! Only a few more weeks until we see you guys. We are truly excited!!!! I love these pictures-even though I saw your Kodak album before I read the blog. If I recall it was cold last year up there too! Meanwhile it is 95 degrees down here today! We need a phone date to coordinate our NYC trip.
I think the kids are immune to the cold water. I remember jumping in the pool as a kid but as an adult whining if the water was too cold!