Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Going to the Dentist

Today was Seamus' very first trip to the dentist!

He and Daddy prepped all week by reading this book:

Seamus also got to watch Daddy have his teeth cleaned. And of course, ANYTHING Daddy does is super-cool. So Seamus couldn't wait for it to be his turn!

Look at my little guy in that big chair!
A bib? Sure, why not. Dad wore it. It must look awesome.

(You know what else looks awesome? Those Merrell sandals on his crazy wide feet that cost a bloody fortune, that's what! Sheesh...anyone want to go into the extra-extra-wide shoe business with me??)

Since the hygienist wore glasses during the cleaning, Seamus got pick out a pair of sunglasses to wear as well. Spider-Man shades...score!

He rocked the cleaning - sat perfectly still and opened his mouth wide.

I am NOT a fan of the dentist at all, so even looking at this pic makes me shudder a little...but Seamus didn't mind the spit-sucker at all!

Picking out a prize after a super appointment...Daddy and Mommy are so proud!


Kasia and Amelia said...

This is a real bravery! Seamus did great! I am impressed. And he kept positive attitude until the end! What a trooper! I love the picture stories like yours, it is so much better to see than just read about something important, That's why I took pictures of Amelia during her sleep study and before CT scan. It will be a piece of history, just liek Seamus' visit to the dentist.

Kim said...

WOW! You are so lucky. I think your idea of prepping a week prior to all things unpleasant (dentist, sleep study) really was a great idea. I love the Merrill's-yes shoes are becoming a huge issue-but has not stopped me from buying like a fiend.
Love the pictures of big boy Seamus! Also love the shirt-Preston has it as well. Seriously I think the boys have identical waredrobes-we my have to plan one matching outfit for the conference. I too hate the dentist so hats off to Seamus!

Caden and Mommy said...

Seriously Emily - what a cute little bugger! Seamus is an awesome patient :0) Cute pictures, I'm glad his first dentist trip was a success!

Melisa said...

Wow! Good to hear Seamus had a great first visit. I need to check out the Merrill's for Aidan's wide feet. Cutest little patient ever!

Lisa said...

I just LOVE the sunglasses. They did that for Liz too. I think it's SOO Cute!!

Leong Family's said...

Bravo Seamus!! Emily, he look so cute.

Melissa Swartley said...

Go Seamus!!! What a brave boy! Ughhh... I hear ya on the wide shoes! Our problem is Sonya is still in a size 1-2 so finding wide in that size is pretty much impossible! I'll have to check out Merrill's though! I love the last pic of your cutie! What a great sparkling smile!!!

Bobbi said...

Wow, Seamus! Great job, buddy!!! He looks like he's the dentist pro, the way he was sitting in the chair. Ellie LOVES to go to the dentist. I think I'd rather have my yearly pap than to go to the (Yes, I go twice a year for my cleanings ;) )

Destini said...

What a handsome brave boy! I love the sunglasses idea - Tay and Trace go to the dentist next week, so I think a couple new pairs of sunglasses might be in order! Gotta love buying our boys shoes, I can't get out of the children's shoe store without spending at least $200.

Greene Family said...

Way to go, Seamus!! He's so adorable, especially in those cool shades! Gotta love it when our kiddos do so much better than we expect with doctor's appointments!