Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Few Things

1. Grace learned to write the words “Mom” and “Pop” recently.



She’s very proud of herself!  At bedtime, I turn the lights off and tuck her in, and she’ll say, “But Mom!  Can I please write Mom and Pop just one more time?” 

Can you really say no to that?


2. I must be drunk or delirious right now, because I’m sharing a belly pic.  And no, I’m not six months pregnant…I’m sixteen weeks.  Baby Number 3 shows no mercy.


But enough of that…look at our pretty new couches!


3. Guess who has his very first t-ball game this weekend?


Look at the fierceness.  The determination.


I’m a little scared right now.


Look out, Spring Little League…here he comes!


Jen Weisser said...

1- Way to go Gracie!!!!
2- Seamus looks rather intimedating!
3- Belly pic is great! Cant wait to squish up that new baby!!!
4- Love the new couches!! They are very pretty & comfy!! Although I really liked the old ones too!!

Jillsblog said...

Hey Emily, You look great!!! Where did you get baseball pants for Seamus? JD is starting Tball on May 1st!!! Let me know!!

Kim said...

WOW GRACE! I am so proud of her! She is amazing. I love my Seamus. I think he will rival any great Yankee. I hope to see him playing in the Bronx someday. Because we cannot have him in Fenway.
You look fantastic! Are you finding out the gender? I'm so excited. Since I plan on never having another, I love seeing all the pregnancy pics!

Jaime said...

Great job Gracie! And Seamus looks so handsome in his uniform!

Emily, you're looking great! Just like Kim asked, are you finding out the sex?

In a comment on my blog, you asked where I had found Caty's hat - we got it at The Children's Place - a few summers ago. And surprisingly it still fits, although she complained that it was too tight, so looks like we'll be buying a new one before summer hit!

Melissa Swartley said...

What a smart cookie! Grace is too cute, that's so awesome! You look fantastic! It's true, baby #3 does not show any mercy... I still look like I have a belly and my 3rd is 2 years old for goodness sake! You look fab though! Hope you are feeling well too! Uh oh, those boys better be good and ready! Tough guy Seamus looks like he will show no mercy either! :)

Greene Family said...

Yay Grace! That's awesome!
You look fantastic! None of my pregnancies showed any mercy with me. :) I love seeing belly pics! If you do find out if you are having a boy or a girl, are you going to share the news when you find out?!
How exciting . . . I hope Seamus had a great time at his first t-ball game! He does look so fierce and determined . . . love it!

Destini said...

Way to go Grace! I'm super impressed, mostly because Trace only recognizes a T and can't even write that! Seamus is super intimidating - and extra cute! Taylor had her first game Saturday (when it was 45 degrees with freezing winds). At least you made it to baby #3 before you ballooned up - I looked like that at about 2 months with Trace!

Caden and Mommy said...

Everything about this post is adorable!
Grace - SO talented, Caden better get on the ball, he is appearing behind in his writing skills!
YOU look adorable! How fun!
Seamus - CUTE in his baseball outfit! I so hope Caden wants to play baseball! Can't wait to see pictures from Seamus's games :0)

Caden and Mommy said...

.. and I forgot to add. Heck yes to finding GREAT doughnuts in Nashville :0)

Melisa said...

Oh Grace....great job...beautiful girl you are. Emily, you look beautiful as well...glad you are doing well. Mr. Seamus....what can I say...super stud.