Sunday, April 11, 2010

Superhero Sunday

Very fun visit with the Weissers today!

These boys are super silly when we ask them for some “buddy” pictures. 



All four of them played great today and had so much fun together!


Then we got a very special surprise visit from some superheroes!


Wow, lucky us – Batman, Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine all in one place!

We sure didn’t fear for our safety today, we knew these mighty mutants would protect us!


We also got to visit with our friend Julia and her mom and dad, who joined us for dessert!  So glad that everyone finally got to meet. 

We chatted a lot about Nashville!  Our two families will be there from Sunday to Thursday morning.  So far the events that I am most excited about are the Grand Ole Opry, Family Night, and possibly the General Jackson Showboat??  And of course we need to find a place to watch 4th of July fireworks!  We’d love to hear what everyone else has planned, too – it won’t be long now before we’re all in Music City, USA!


Melisa said...

What a fun Sunday you had! So sad that we will be missing Nashville this year. Looks like it will be a ton of fun. One of these years for sure we will meet.

Jaime said...

Love seeing pictures when you guys get together.

As for Nashville - we're definitely signing up for the Grand Ole Opry and Family night. I'm still tossing around the idea of the Banquet, but not really wanting to fork out $75, so we'll see.

Can't wait to meet you guys and add Caitlyn into the pictures with those cuties!

Destini said...

Love those Superheros! Trace will be super excited to see these pictures! If we go to Nashville, which we fully haven't decided yet, I wanna do the General Jackson Showboat, I did it when I was a kid and it was a ton of fun!

Caden and Mommy said...

Super Hero Sunday ... Hello? It doesn't get much cuter then that! Adorable!
As far as Nashville, I am so bummed we will miss the family night! I have been debating the General Jackson Showboat but wasn't sure how Caden would do. If you guys are in ... then Caden and I are in :0)
And yes, I hope we find a fun place to watch the fireworks from! Is it really three months away? wow!

mejane said...

Love the super hero pic! I am so sad that we are not going to Nashville. Sadly, I think our first national will be next year in LA. Blah! I wish it were a more exciting place like NYC or Nashville but with it being only 1.5 hours away, it's too convenient to miss. Hope you have a "grand ole time!" :)

Laura Wolf said...

I love Batman and Spider-man. What silly superheros. We will be in Nashville starting Friday Night. Don't know yet what we'll attend. It really depends on getting babysitters. Nashville has a zoo so I thought I might take the kids.

Kim said...

I love the Super heroes! I will have to show this to Pres. He is on a Super Hero kick lately with the Hulk eeking out as the fave in this house.
Nashville is still up in the air, but we may miss it. We are probably going to do a long vacation in the fall to Arizona. I also have a huge case coming up this spring. We'll see. I want to go. I know we probably would have said definite if we were not going to see you guys in May. We'll see. I change by the day.

Greene Family said...

What a fun day! Those buddy pictures are too cute! Wow - how lucky were you guys to have all of those adorable mighty mutants in one place!? :)
I'm so excited for Nashville! I would really like to go to the Grand Ole Opry, but I'm not sure how well it would work out with Simon and Jude (Jason has offered to stay at the hotel with the boys while I go). I was looking at the General Jackson Showboat today too.

Lisa said...

What great photos! Unfortunately, I'm afraid we're not going to make Nashville this year. Ugh. Would love to meet everyone.